Monday, March 21, 2011

RAPE and Guns

I was visiting a blog this morning and I was educating some folks on why I hate Rape and how I feel a well trained 100 pound woman can have a level playing field with a physically stronger 250 pound man. One of the people felt that "there is not enough rapes to discount the possibility that a woman might have an accident with a gun.." So, it is, in this guys warped, sick, mind, OK to let some women to be raped because guns are evil??? He thinks that a POSSIBLE accident is worse than a definitive outcome. The world knows that woman get raped, here in the US we have equal rights and allow most people their right to carry, or have in their home, a firearm.
So when people tell me guns are evil I always think of my beautiful 100 pound wife and the way she trained. I sleep better knowing she can now SAFELY defend herself.
So because I have seen the double standard in that bloggers head, I will no longer visit his blog.  He does not respect woman, and would prefer that woman everywhere spread their legs and take their medicine, instead of lawfully and ably defending them self and sending the sick perverted rapist bastard to hell where he belongs.

He is wrong. 

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