Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Seriously Lost Cry Baby of Ignoramous Proportions

mikeb302000 Said,
Sebastian, You sound like you’re whistling in the dark. Your glory days are coming to an end. You sense this and it makes you say silly boasting things like “bring it on.”
Obama is definitely not the man I’d hoped he was, but all it’s gonna take is one or two changes on the Supreme Court and a good showing for the Dems in 2012.
Enjoy it while you can.

Over at Snow Flakes In Hell,  Sebastian lays out the truth about the NRA's position against meeting with Obama and he clearly replies that the Newspaper is bias. Then MikeB replys on the blog with what I have posted above. (I'll give you a moment to stop laughing!!)

20 years....  It's been 20 years we have been kicking Gun Grabbers asses. Florida passes "Shall Issue" licensing, more than 2/3rds of the states follow it, including Pennsylvania.
The Clinton signed Assault Weapons ban runs out and is not renewed.
States pass Constitutional Carry, i.e.Arizona, Alaska, Vermont. (More will follow)
SCOTUS McDonald, Heller.  RIGHT of the people to have arms. Will not be overturned.

So what Kool Aid does MikeB drink? His last sentence, "Enjoy it while you can?"  We are only ejnoying that which we should have always had.  We are getting back the swagger of our past, that law abiding folks have the RIGHT to protect themselves. (Especially since a LEO has no obligation to do it) The Tea Party group and it's influence grows. Obama will most likely be a one term president, but he only did it to himself.  The country was shedding jobs when he came in, he concentrated on Health Care. He chose to spend us into a debt that we might never repay, we wanted cuts. His social agenda is and was shut down in the last election, he did his damage. He will be gone.  I say that not knowing who the front runner for the Republicans even is. I don't think it matters, who ever it is will win. We will also take back the Senate.

The difference between now and 20 years ago, IMHO?  The Internet. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media, including the basic e mail. People can see, hear and read the truth, and they can decide who is right and who is wrong. It isn't the local newspaper, or the committee man or woman. Sitting at home in your chair, all the facts are literally right at your fingertips. What do the People see?
What do the People choose? They choose the TRUTH. The believe the side with the most facts, the ones with the most thought out reasonable explanation.  The Gun Rights side have it and they have it in monstrous statistical proof.  The Gun Grabbers have emotion, lies and a collaboration of bent facts, only choosing that which fits their jigsaw puzzle of lies.

So MikeB, if you read this, you are on the wrong side, and yes there is a wrong side.  There is freedom, and then there is everything else that is wrong.

So my readers understand, I didn't post this on Sebastians site because MikeB is a Troll to me. He has stated that he thinks that statistically a few women getting raped is better than arming any of them so they could protect themselves.  Since he stated this abomination of a statement, I have refused to visit and debate him and his minions on his blog. I have no time for anyone that codons women ever succumbing to rape.
MikeB302000 showing himself to be a true animal!

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