Monday, April 11, 2011

Boy Am I Exausted!!!

I had a great Sunday!  Let me share with you the pain I am in.  Both my hands are extremely sore, my forearms are cramping, my upper back is tight and last but not least both my legs are achy!  What you can not see is my face.  You have to imagine a huge stuck on smile the size of Alaska to get to know how much the joy overwhelms the pain I am in. I'm pretty sure I slept with this huge smile on my face all night!

Bryan, his new bike (picture in last thread)and I with my old bike rode to the PA Grand Canyon yesterday. A total of 540 round trip miles for me. (Because I know he will probably be reading this, let me say it is probably the only time I will ever get in more miles than Bryan in my life on a day we both ride.) 4 gas stops to top off, since there is some distance between them, and some minor "Dan has to pee" stops" and we logged about 10.5 saddle hours.

The weather was chilly down here in SE PA when we both left from the Classic Harley dealer after I topped off my tank at a Citgo dealer and paid 3.99 a gallon for premium. Now chilly for me describes a day in the 40's and no need for heated gear. (Lesson 1, never leave your wiring harness at home) I decided to wear my helmet because as I consistently say, it is the warmest hat I have, and I am glad I had it. As we drove north and up in elevation the air got more dense with moisture and colder. The cloud cover was incredibly thick and low on the mountains. I honestly can't say it ever rained, but it's like we were driving through a misty fog that made the roads wet and slick. My windshield and fairing got covered in road slime and mist. My boots, chaps and lowers were dripping with grime. But worse than that was the through the bone cold that was over taking me. At a gas stop I added my balaclava, that helped a little, later on I added a hoody under my leathers. That was the deal maker.  I was getting warmth back.  Packing a few extra items was the ticket. (So you all know, I put the wiring harness for my heated gear back in the saddlebags at last night! Now the best thing we enjoyed was all of the remaining SNOW they have up there. I mean piles and piles of snow are still all over the Wellsboro area. I have some pictures.

Bryan led a beautiful site filled ride, he also looks like he has been riding that bike all his life. He took some uphill heavy right turn sweepers at a rate I couldn't maintain. If I can't see around it, I ain't rolling on the throttle.  Bryan can really ride.

At the end of June, Bryan and I along with 30 others will be riding these roads as part of a 2 day work related yearly Trek. So we got to check out where we will be staying and make our reservations. We also had lunch at the bar.  The Grand Canyon Motel has 30 rooms and camping grounds. I was going to pack my bike and try the camping on a bike thing, UNTIL, Bryan and the bartender were talking about bears visiting the campground. It wasn't Bryan saying anything about the bears, it was the way the bartender casually mentioned "as long as you don't have food in the tent" you should be ok!  Should be?  Am I not bear food?  So after Bryan booked his room for himself and his wife, I chose the cowards way ou and got me a room also,  60 bucks and a room with a big hard door and walls, versus a 3 man tent and a cot for 30.  I will save the extra 30 bucks and eat soup at lunch!!  We ate a quick sandwich and iced tea for me and off we drive to find the Grand Canyon lookout.

The Grand Canyon of PA doesn't present itself well in pictures, but it is, in person, a beautiful place. From 1873 feet high you look almost straight down into the canyon and river below! Most of the trees didn't have leaves as yet, so I can imagine this view being more beautiful in summer. Bryan and I scouted out some places that 30+ people will fit and we can get a good picture, I think we have 2 choices.

So that was my Sunday, what did you do?

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  1. Great write up! Free advise to match your Tshirt. ATGATT= All The Gear, All The Time. If followed everytime you pull the bike out will prevent, "(Lesson 1, never leave your wiring harness at home)" from ever happening! Were you absent when the Moto was taught in Boy/Cub Scouts?..."Be Prepared" oh wait that is covered at every meeting. LOLOLOLOL.