Friday, April 29, 2011

Driving Idiots

I'm sure anyone reading this can relate, but what is up with drivers anymore?  No courtesy is ever given or acknowledged anymore. The world is chock full of "Left Hand Lane Louis and Lois's", Highway pacers and speed demons.
I ride my motorcycle often and I like to think that the reason I have never had a motorcycle accident is my situational awareness and skill doesn't allow me to be in places for an accident to occur. But these daily pet peeves that people force you into are killers.
Left Hand Lane people?  They are the people that just like to ride the left hand lane and do the speed limit on a 4 lane highway. They never understood the idea of drive right, pass left.  They pay their taxes and will drive where they want. They often have a phone pasted to their left ear.
Pacers?  These are the folks that could be Left Hand Lane folks, until you try to pass them on the right, and then they speed up to not let you pass them.  They close the gap so you can not safely swing around them.  Once they get even with the vehicle in the right lane, they slow back down to trap you, and anyone else behind you.  It is truly a game to them. (A dangerous one also) If I were a traffic cop, these people would get a ticket for Reckless Driving from me.  These pacers cause unnecessary stress to others stuck behind who want to go on their way.
Speed demons?  These are the crazy folks on the road.  You see them coming in your rear view mirror and you tense up immediately, they are swinging in and out of lanes working their way up to get passed you. Best to not watch to closely as they swing their rear bumper withing inches of your front wheel to get in front of you. This maneuver is often followed by a red light stop where in the total gained space was about 10 feet for him/her. 

What else you got??

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