Saturday, April 2, 2011

An Interesting Quagmire

So many of you know I have over 31 years at my current company I work for. According to HR people the average life of an employee at any company is 4 years, so I am an exception. I have had more bosses than I can count as I was always staying and they were always leaving, some got promoted, some got fired, some left for more fertile ground, but I always stayed. So let me get to my issue.

My new boss, who I like immensely BTW, has only been with the company less than a year. He also only has 2 weeks vacation at his disposal. I have 4, well actually 6, but we will get into that in a moment.
But lets focus on the 2 versus 4 scenario. I can, and will, take 10 more days than he will, BUT, he schedules the project due dates and issues assignments. So we always are on tight schedules, but we rarely make the timelines, NOT because of our team, but because the chain of handling breaks around us. So, when I send in a vacation request, I don't want to hear anything like, "Didn't you just have vacation last month?" I want to hear, "Good for you, you've earned that extra time for dealing with things for 31 years, have fun." What do you think?  Can you feel my being uncomfortable??

So lets talk about the other days.  We get 3 personal days, and we get 8 flex days.  The flex days used to be sick days, but they are not any longer, they are flex.In speaking to HR, they want you to take them. You can not carry them over, you use them or lose them each year. So if you add it up I get 6 weeks and 1 day vacation. 31 days. 2.58 days a month paid time off. So here it is April 2, and I only took off 2 days around my birthday, so I scheduled a full week during my kids Spring break. (My wife is taking time, too) So I sit here in April with a week scheduled at the end of the month, week of 18th, which will place me at 7 days for the year with 24 yet to use. I am behind already, huh? 

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  1. You've got to take time, man. I don't take shit for taking time. I'm sorry, if I have the days I'm going to use them, that's just the way it is. I have plenty of ways to fill my days without my job. Don't get me wrong, I like my job - really. But my time is just that, mine.

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