Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Monday Night Baseball

It never fail to amaze me how bad some coaches are. I understand that it is a volunteer position, I understand that dad was maybe forced into coaching by his wife and kids, I get all that.  But in the age of the Internet it is so much simpler to learn positive reinforcement methods for 12 year olds. The league I umpired at on Monday is very well to do, they have classes for the coaches on proven methods, but I am guessing they are poorly attended. But I see, and it's early in the season, some coaches using screaming and hollering already.  Take Monday night.  Count on the batter is 3-0, coach tells batter to take one, kid says huh? Swings at next pitch, out at first.(It was a strike BTW) In between innings the coach is lambasting this kid like he was in the world series.  It got so heated I had to interrupt him to discuss an issue with the lights. I patted the hat of the young kid as I was interrupting.

Same coach same game.  This particular coach has 3 other assistants in the dug out with him. All 4 are yelling at the pitcher to do different things. They were not paying attention to the 2nd baseman playing way to close and possibly obstructing the runner on first, they were not paying any attention to the outfielders who were not paying attention in any way.  It was an entire inning of pitcher this, pitcher that. (Advise they gave him was all wrong, too. )

But it is early in the season and my strike zone is broad and I expect the kids to swing. Each week it will narrow down as batters feel more comfort at the plate.  I have my first field assignment on Thursday night, so I will get less bending on the knees and more movement on the base paths. I am looking forward to that. 

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