Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sore Legs.

Friday night I get scheduled to umpire the 7:30 game on the Majors field.  It was a good game, but had a couple of lengthy innings. My legs and the bending were tough as the cold air kept blowing over them. The game ended on a runners Interference as the runner knocked the Shortstop over going from 2nd to 3rd. I got home at 10.  I watched some TV and surfed a little Internet until 1 AM.
Sleep great and get up at 9:30. Son #3 has a game at noon and needs to be at the field by 11. 2 cups of coffee, and off we go.  I got to sit in the stands and watch another game. As I was walking to sit in the third base stands to begin to watch my sons game, his coach tells me I have to ump, they have no ump and I was OK'd to ump my sons team. I never have a problem with it, but I also never want to have any perception of impropriety. 
I will admit that when my son comes to the plate I get very nervous. Today I was very lucky, he hit the ball, struck out swinging and hit the ball.  Makes my job easier.
But 2 games inside of 15 hours is tough on my legs at my advanced years now!!

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