Saturday, April 2, 2011


The past week flew! I was really busy at work, a lot of my projects are coming through and time has been a special commodity. Son #4 starts his baseball games on Monday after 2 months of practice. I received my umpires schedule for the season and Spring has arrived finally. Add all that together, throw in a motorcycle ride or 2, a couple days at the range and what do you have??  A possibly sleepy, tired, exhausted and busy man.
I had to drive down to Reston, VA this week. I wake at 4:50 AM. I leave at 5:30. I drive the 3.5 hours to the office I spend all day working, no lunch, and then leave for home at 3:20PM. Guess when I get home??  6 friggin hours later. 6 hours to go 160 miles. All on interstate highways...What a crock of crap. So I think I will be home after 6, I get home after 9...   Starving, tired and aggravated.

So the weekend shakes out to be wall to wall things to do. Jazz band competition on Friday night, Baseball on Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon is chewed up with visiting the Valley Forge Gun Show with my wife, which I am looking forward to BTW. My beautiful wife and I will visit and shop for some holsters and carry options for her. I need some gun oil and maybe I can find something else. My wife will go for her morning workout and then we will head to VF.
I do have some relax time this morning.  I am clear until 2. I will be adding some other entries in that time!

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