Friday, April 22, 2011

What is 10% Equal To? 15%?

My question to you is as follows, "Is 10% of something substantial?"  Would you say, I got 10% off like it was great?  Would you say, it was only 10% off?  What about 15% ?  When would you say you were winning/gaining?

The reason I ask is simple.  10% of the States in the United States no longer require a License/Permit to carry a weapon.  Alaska, Arizona, Vermont, Wyoming and Montana makes 5. I am also hearing that New Hampshire is very close to passing it also.  So with 50 States, and 50 divided by 5 equals 10 percent do we have a chance of adding more?  YES we do.  Utah is looking at it.  So with New Hampshire we would have 12% of the States. Add in Utah and we are close to 15%. 

When the end of the world as we know DOES NOT happen to these states, 2 of which are New England States(So stay away from wild west references) will you be convinced that law abiding people having guns is not a bad thing? 

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