Monday, May 30, 2011

Hazy, Hot and Humid!!!!

Welcome to May 30th and 93 degrees of sweltering heat! I awoke at 6:45 and drank my coffee. I woke my #3 son to get him ready to attend his memorial Day parade band show.  He and I drove to his school and loaded the percussion instruments into the truck, then brought them to the parade meeting start.  We unload the instruments, pack their cases back in the truck and head to the finishing spot.  I have this down pretty good now! It was 80 at 7 o'clock. 84 at 8:00 and 87 at 9.  Humidity was 82%.. It was close..
The kids marched and the kids sweated.  We had cold drinks, water, for them at the finish. They needed it. The Tuba girl was parched. Pack the instruments back up in the truck and back to school to unload it all again.  Time in; 3 hours of loading and unloading, sweat equity(with real sweat) was earned.

Nice time, I got some salutes from the few WW2 vets and Korean vets that the VFW had on a huge trailer. I remembered to wear my US Coast Guard Veteran hat this time! Nice little parade, great turn out of people!

So today is also my son #1s birthday! He is 26 years old today!  Incredible. His #3 brother and I sent him a text in the morning greeting his eyes with his first Happy Birthday of the day.  I am a lucky man with 4 great sons. In spite of all the mistakes I have made raising them, they have all turned out pretty good. (Wife deserves a lot of credit dealing with 5 boys.)

I posted my Memorial day remembrance early this year. I found a great link via the Coast Guard blog this year.  Lastly, I would like anyone who reads this to think of my friend Scott Hanna,  Boatswains mate 1st class and one of my classmates in Small Boat training in the Coast Guard.  Scott died during a routine Search and Rescue of the coast of North Carolina. He was in heavy seas and taking a sailboat along side, since her mast had broken.  He got all the people off the sailboat and safely stowed below, but for some reason he tried to un-cinch a line that was fouled between the 2 vessels.  He fell between them as they parted and when they came back together his head was crushed. He knew he had to go, he also knew he didn't have to come back.  Semper Paratus my friend.  I would have never passed that class if you didn't help me.  I will always remember you and revere you.  On this Memorial day, please join me in thanking Scott for taking out that 41 foot motor life boat!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Borrowed from a Pajamas media site..

I am thinking this would look good in front of my house!  I have a Demoncrat to the left of me, and another 2 across the street!

Sarah Palin at Rolling Thunder!!

OK, she is going to run for President IMHO.  I missed Rolling Thunder this year. Figures.  I like her. I would have liked to have seen her ride in the parade, and my rear seat is still reserved for my wife only.

Sarah does look good in that leather jacket and helmet though!  I also very much like her husband, Todd!
But Sarah is a good looking BOB!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Memorial Day Story Via US Coast Guard

Please Keep Holy the Memorial Day Holiday! 

Douglas A. Munro(The only Coastie who earned the MOH.)
Signalman First Class Douglas A. Munro was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions at the Matanikau River, Guadalcanal on 27 September 1942. From his citation extraordinary heroism and conspicuous gallantry in action above and beyond the call of duty as Petty Officer in Charge of a group of 24 Higgins boats, engaged in the evacuation of a battalion of marines trapped by enemy Japanese forces at Point Cruz Guadalcanal, on 27 September 1942. After making preliminary plans for the evacuation of nearly 500 beleaguered marines, Munro, under constant strafing by enemy machine guns on the island, and at great risk of his life, daringly led five of his small craft toward the shore. As he closed the beach, he signaled the others to land, and then in order to draw the enemy’s fire and protect the heavily loaded boats, he valiantly placed his craft with its two small guns as a shield between the beachhead and the Japanese. When the perilous task of evacuation was nearly completed, Munro was instantly killed by enemy fire, but his crew, two of whom were wounded, carried on until the last boat had loaded and cleared the beach. By his outstanding leadership, expert planning, and dauntless devotion to duty, he and his courageous comrades undoubtedly saved the lives of many who otherwise would have perished. He gallantly gave his life for his country.

God Bless Him!!
Many of the landing craft in WW2 were manned by US Coast Guard Small Boat Coxswain. So think about it, drive up onto a heavily defended beach and drop off a squad of soldiers, then cruise back and load up again only to run to the beach AGAIN?!?!?  Now I know the boys on the beaches had it tough, but they could dig in. These Coasties were running slow diesel  powered landing craft and running back and forth all day.  I can't even imagine! 

More Heros Mentioned Here.

God Bless our Soldiers, Sailors, Airman/woman and their Veterans.
Semper Paratus! 

Pennsylvania committee forwards octane testing bill

How about this???

My post earlier list a higher than expected ethanol count and now Sen. Greenleaf wants Octane testing.  I am going to contact him about ethanol percentage testing at Wawa also. I will also ask Ted Erickson, my Senator to sign on.

Feel free to contact your Senator.

An Off Night!!

I am happy to be posting this without the worry of hurrying along. With baseball umpiring, helping with coaching and being the VP of a local band association my nights and weekends are always hectic. Tonight I have off. No game to umpire, no game to coach, no band e mails to read or write. I am feeling relieved.

The last couple of nice days I have been able to ride the bike into work, I haven't done any additional riding but just that little bit helps calm my spirit. Tonight I rode through Valley Forge Historical Park on my way home to chill some more.  There were tons of people out walking, riding bikes and using the park as a get away.  Good for them all!

Speaking of the bike, I have been adding some fuel additive to the tank since my mechanic recommended it.  It has the bike running better than ever and I only have placed it in one tank full. It is smooth and running better.  Not only is gas for the bike over 4 bucks a gallon, but it is high in ethanol. My mechanic (Phil at Dream Bike Works) says he had Wawa gas tested and although it is listed as 10% ethanol, he discovered that  it was actually 17% ethanol. He highly recommended some gas treatment to E10 gas.. So on top of the Marvel Mystery Oil I add I am now adding Lucas Fuel Stabilizer. Geez Louis we have a lot of stuff to do every 170 miles. 

Tomorrow, I am hoping my company closes early.  I have to umpire a majors game tomorrow night. My clothes are all washed, so I am ready. Saturday and Sunday are looking good so far.  Monday is the Memorial Day parade so the band Dad will be busy early, 8 AM, loading the truck full of drum stuff. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

4th Amendment is Butchered But We The People Rise to Oppose the Court

Indiana Attorney General seeks reconsideration of Fourth Amendment ruling...

Hope and change 

I learned early in my life that LEO's have no right to just walk into your home  They needed to present you with a warrant signed by a judge to enter and search unless you asked them in. Indiana's ruling has changed all that and I bet some in the LEO side are very happy. Freedom of the People is slowly being eroded. I am hopeful that the States AG can get this mistake fixed quickly. I doubt he can. He is just answering to the correct up-swell of Hoosiers that can not believe there ears and eyes. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lawmaker's bill would restore Pa's motorcycle helmet law

A serious NANNY lawmaker who I happen to disagree with has once again written up a law to remove helmet choice from Pennsylvania motorcycle riders.  There is a rally planned for tomorrow in Harrisburg and I so wish I could go, but I can not.  My new position at work will not allow me the flexibility I once had to go to these lobby days.  People need to know there is a helmet law in Penna. If you under 21, you must wear a helmet. If you have been a licensed rider less than 2 years you must wear a helmet. So there are some choices for you to make.  Many of you know I wear a helmet on cold days for the heat. But mainly I do not choose to wear one. I have over 500,000 miles on bikes, I can choose for myself.  I also have ample medical insurance and motorcycle insurance.  My life insurance plan would take good care of my family if something were to happen. So I get annoyed when some namby-pamby politician, who I might add is a DEMONCRAT, decides to impose his will on my freedom of choice.

It is my sincere hope that my fellow bikers storm the Harrisburg capital tomorrow in numbers never before seen in those halls. I am hopeful that someone will straighten this NANNY stater out and explain to him that America is about FREEDOM.  If you live in Penna, I ask that you call your State Rep and ask them nicely to ignore anything coming out of Dan Frankels mouth in regards to Helmets.

Thank you.

One of those Saturdays

The schedule went like this.
  • Take Motorcycle to have rear tire installed
  • Load a snow blower and lawn mower in back of truck and take to repair shop for #1 son
  • Cut the acre and do front of house twice with it raining all week
  • Drive the wife, #3 and #4 son to #3's baseball playing marathon game
  • Drive the family to a Jazz band concert and band concert until 9:00 PM.
Fall asleep on couch and sleep there all night. Sometimes I get more rest at work.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Funny How this Blogging Works

Put a beautiful woman on your blog and the visits go up.  How do they know?
So in order to balance out the Angelina Jolie post as the woman who stole Brad Pitt, I offer my favorite picture of Jennifer Aniston.

Another Friends of NRA Dinner Another Big Donation

Last night I joined a few friends for my second Friends of NRA dinner this year.  I was hoping to win something since I didn't get nothing the last time in Chester County. So I got there early and enjoyed the money leaving my pocket into a great causes bank roll. We did have a good time, we did eat very well and I of course, did not WIN a God Damn thing AGAIN!!!! I bought, via the silent auction, a Friend Logo'd brass hitch cover for my truck. My good friend Jack did win a LCP 380 pistol and he will pick it up tomorrow.  His wife, Lori, was looking for a nice little pocket 380 and BAM, Jack wins. Me? Nothing. 

Truly?  It is all for a good cause and I have lost a lot more money at a casino.  This money stays local and helps kids learn to shoot and learn to shoot and be safe.

Maybe I will go to Bucks Counties in the Fall.  I have to win eventually!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Beautiful Sunday

I slept late after a busy Friday and Saturday. Waking at 9:40 AM is such a treat after not getting more than 10 hours in the last 3 days. So 11 hours of sleep can be refreshing.  I was slow moving early, and my wife ran out to workout at the gym.
Son #1 had a gig today at 9th and Washington on the big stage for the Italian Festival.  My wife and I went there to see him.  My wife had to nudge me along, since I was rather cozy on the couch.  In hind site I am glad she did.  We drove down via 476 and 95 north to Columbus Blvd(Delaware Ave).  Took two lefts and landed at 4th and Washington in a shopping center parking lot.  Great big spot for the truck.  We walked up from there and let our ears bring us to our son who had started playing before we got there.  They sounded great at 6th Street, better at 7th and FABULOUS between a closed 8th to 9th. They did 2 - 45 minute sets with a 10 minute break in between.  The weather ended up being great, mostly sunny and hot. (I wore long sleeve Harley shirt. ) My wife and I stood and watched the whole 2 hour show.  What I saw is listed below.
  • Not many Italians in this neighborhood anymore.
  • Asians owned all the businesses in those blocks.
  • Many Hispanic people were there.
  • Lots of tatoos, piercing heads and white corn row wearers.
  • Not many African Americans. I mean some, but less than I thought with them now being the majority in the city.
  • Prices in the stores were very reasonable. (1 dollar for 20 ounce water, 2 dollars for 48 ounce water.
  • Lots of Philly LEO's.  Tons of Philly LEO white shirts.
I was armed of course. But I felt like the perimeter of the area was secure.
So after the show my son was loading his van, and a nice crazy philly guy wanted to help them load(AKA see all they got in the van) My SA was up and I interrupted my son and let him know I was watching for theft.  The guy left.  LOL!! 

So I got to hear some great music played well by a very professional cover band named Modern Bliss.

Let's start an AUTO Banning group..... 43K to 776?

Cause of Death/Age Range All Ages Under 1 Yr 1-4 yrs 5-14yrs 15-24 yrs 25-34 35-44
Total Number of Deaths 97,900 100%  881 0.9% 1,826 1.9% 2,979 3.0% 14,113 14.4% 11,769 12.0% 15,413 15.7%
Motor Vehicle 43,354 44.3% 168 19.1% 651 35.7% 1,772 59.5% 10,560 74.8% 6,884 58.5% 6,927 44.9%
Unspecified nontransport accid'ts 17,437 17.8% 572 64.9% 266 14.6% 267 9.0% 648 4.6% 895 7.6% 1446 9.4%
Falls 13,322 13.6% 8 0.9% 36 2.0% 37 1.2% 237 1.7% 303 2.6% 608 3.9%
Poisoning and Noxious Subst's 12,757 13.0% 14 1.6% 32 1.8% 45 1.5% 1,160 8.2% 2,380 20.2% 4,663 30.3%
Drowning 3,842 3.9% 75 8.5% 493 27.0% 375 12.6% 646 4.6% 419 3.6% 480 3.1%
Exposure to Smoke, Fire, Flames 3,377 3.4% 37 4.2% 290 15.9% 266 8.9% 192 1.4% 241 2.0% 402 2.6%
Other Land Transport Accidents 1,492 1.5% 2 0.2% 31 1.7% 98 3.3% 243 1.7% 212 1.8% 317 2.1%
Complications of Med/Surg Care 3,059 3.1% 19 2.2% 22 1.2% 31 1.0% 32 0.2% 85 0.7% 149 1.0%
Accidental Discharge of Firearms 776 0.8% 1 0.1% 18 1.0% 67 2.2% 202 1.4% 131 1.1% 153 1.0%

Death comes without warning.

From ABC 6 again comes this ugly news release...

This post comes immediately after my ban cars post that was tongue in cheek posted. I am saddened by this event. I have examined many motorcycle crashes and have found most of them are motorcycle driver caused.(Or his/her lack of knowledge).

My beautiful wife always seems to bring these deaths to my attention and I am sure she loves me when she tells me. (She would love it if I never rode again, and I get that.) But I am a motorcycle rider, I love it, I enjoy it and it's in my blood.  So, as long as my legs will get over the seat, and steady the metal, I will ride.

But I want everyone to know it is more dangerous than a car. Deaths, like the link above, do not happen all the time. They do occasionally happen. Who is to say if the pickup in the story above hit a mini cooper, or VW bug, or Smart Car that all the people inside would NOT have died??  It happens. 

And jumping in to my last post, why was that pick up driver allowed to drive on the roads of NJ.  Was he licensed?  Did he have proper training.  How could a nanny state like NJ allow a guy to cross into oncoming traffic and hit motorcycles head on?  NJ has a reputation for one of the toughest guns states, maybe they need better roadway barriers constructed to truly save lives on their roadways.(Where more people die than all other methods,)

Driver charged with plowing through 2 block parties

From ABC news link

Where is the outrage?? Where are the people and the Joyce Foundation?  Shouldn't we be placing a BAN on cars?  I mean this crazy man drove right into a crowd, I mean 2 crowds of people, harming and injuring a CHILD even.  A child was injured, MY GOD.....

Please do it for the children ban cars driven by crazy people.  Why didn't the DMV know this man was crazy?  Why was he a licensed person?  He should never be able to own a car.  How could this happen???

Getting my drift??   The Anti Gun people never go after the cars, it's all about the guns.  Is there a Anti Car group I can join??? 

Google oops....

Google blogger had some issues this week and cut down on my blogging ability.  Let me give you a week in review.
  • Saturday last week umpire a 10:00 game, then get home in time to help son #1 move a bed into his house. He likes that I have a car and a pick up truck. After that was shower, Shave and go to the dreaded Philly for my sisters 60th birthday.  Great food, great family get together and my sister ain't looking 60. (More like a hot 40. ) My wife, my nephews wife, and my sister have all been blessed with looking younger all the time. 
  • Sunday was uneventful, with grass cutting a yard maintenance.
  • I am pretty sure I umpired every night except Wednesday. I stayed at work late on Wednesday to catch up some things.  Leaving work at 5 to umpire stops those little after 5 - 15 minute things you can do in quiet.  I squeezed them all in on Wednesday. Until 7:30.
  • Friday night game was first time I ever had to toss a ball player.  In 30+ years of umpiring this was the first time. He deserved it, but was apologetic, as were his parents, after the game. I don't take it personal. He did what he did, I reacted. Simple decision really. 
  • Yesterday, Sat. 5/14. Got up at 5:30 AM. Ugh.  Kids 3 and 4 had a band competition then trip to Dorney Park. Drove the drum equipment and cellos in the pickup. Loooooonnnnnnnggg day, after 2 competitions and all day in the park, get home at 9 ish PM. Exausted. In the time a frozen pizza was cooked after we got home I was asleep in my chair. 
  • Today we might, weather permitting, attend son #1s gig in Philly. Italian Festival in SOuth Philly.
So with little fanfare you are all caught up.  I will have some follow up on specific items in the news this week that always catch my eye.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Friday Night Funnys!!

I don't think anyone really wants to be an Umpire in baseball.  You think you have a thick skin, you think you know the rules of the game, you train and practice to be good. Nothing prepares you for being followed to your car by a screaming group of really fat moms.  Comments like, "Worse umpire I have ever seen", "They shouldn't pay him", and other less family friendly comments.   REALLY????

I knew it was going to be a tough night, when the team behind by 8 runs started to come back. The manager of the then winning team ran out of his 2 stud pitchers. The manager had to put in a boy who threw batting practice, and the other team responded in kind. The team coming from behind was hitting every strike, and when they weren't hitting they were walking people. So now the visitors team was ahead by 2,  a 10 run inning.  Here is when it gets interesting.

2 great calls for the umpire ended the game.  A infield pop up with a runner on first.  1st basemen catches the ball and steps on first with runner about 3 inches off the base.  DOUBLE PLAY.  O. U. C. H. Next batter hits a double. 2 out man on second.  Batter hits a slow shot to short.  Runner on second runs over the shortstop while he is making a play on the ball.  Runner Interference, runner is out.  3 outs.  Good calls, both were correct, but both were controversial.  (To the FAT moms at least. )

Now I don't really mean to demean heavy people.  But the 3 woman who followed me the 350 feet to where my truck was parked intimidated the hell out me.  One of them said, "Why don't you just admit you had a bad night?"  I turned to her and said, "When you admit you don't know the rules of baseball!"  That got them all pissed off more.  I removed my gear with my back turned to them.  The were blasting me. "Look, it figures he has a truck." "He probably thinks those Harley emblems make him tough." 

I get in the drivers seat start the truck and head home. I rolled the window down and said to the group, "See you tomorrow, ladies!"

Friday, May 6, 2011

A Travesty of the Highest Level

This story is finally getting some attention.

Please read the story in it's entirety.

The plan for a long gun registry is still one of the president’s goals, even as he creates the problem for which he proposes the solution. A virulent anti-gun radical since his days with the Joyce Foundation, Obama has previously stooped to despicable levels in order to pursue his gun control agenda. He now wants to use the bully pulpit of his office to play both arsonist and firefighter, and is willing to watch northern Mexico and the American southwest burn in order to restrict a constitutional right he has always abhorred.

State College meeting halted by gun brouhaha

The story here is how some lower level public officials can just say and do anything they want at a public meeting and have no shame. Here we have a public official, who took the oath of office to obey and defend the State Constitution, who decides that he can make rules for his little town better than the State.

Shameful, shameful, shameful.

Councilman Peter Morris?  You, sir, are my idiot of the week!!!   

We are Winning

The picture below is a Brady Bunch press meeting.  As Sebastian says, "We Are Winning"!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Two Different Views on Women

"Every law-abiding adult woman should be trained, armed & encouraged to carry a firearm.”

Wayne Lapierre- NRA

IA: One of NRA's much-heralded women gun buyers purchases handgun--then allegedly kills husband.

FL: More women and guns, police shoot suicidal gun-toting woman.

Josh Sugarmann-- Violence Policy Center

Who do you think supports a strong, independent woman?

(H/T to Days of our Trailers)