Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Beautiful Sunday

I slept late after a busy Friday and Saturday. Waking at 9:40 AM is such a treat after not getting more than 10 hours in the last 3 days. So 11 hours of sleep can be refreshing.  I was slow moving early, and my wife ran out to workout at the gym.
Son #1 had a gig today at 9th and Washington on the big stage for the Italian Festival.  My wife and I went there to see him.  My wife had to nudge me along, since I was rather cozy on the couch.  In hind site I am glad she did.  We drove down via 476 and 95 north to Columbus Blvd(Delaware Ave).  Took two lefts and landed at 4th and Washington in a shopping center parking lot.  Great big spot for the truck.  We walked up from there and let our ears bring us to our son who had started playing before we got there.  They sounded great at 6th Street, better at 7th and FABULOUS between a closed 8th to 9th. They did 2 - 45 minute sets with a 10 minute break in between.  The weather ended up being great, mostly sunny and hot. (I wore long sleeve Harley shirt. ) My wife and I stood and watched the whole 2 hour show.  What I saw is listed below.
  • Not many Italians in this neighborhood anymore.
  • Asians owned all the businesses in those blocks.
  • Many Hispanic people were there.
  • Lots of tatoos, piercing heads and white corn row wearers.
  • Not many African Americans. I mean some, but less than I thought with them now being the majority in the city.
  • Prices in the stores were very reasonable. (1 dollar for 20 ounce water, 2 dollars for 48 ounce water.
  • Lots of Philly LEO's.  Tons of Philly LEO white shirts.
I was armed of course. But I felt like the perimeter of the area was secure.
So after the show my son was loading his van, and a nice crazy philly guy wanted to help them load(AKA see all they got in the van) My SA was up and I interrupted my son and let him know I was watching for theft.  The guy left.  LOL!! 

So I got to hear some great music played well by a very professional cover band named Modern Bliss.

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  1. Glad you had fun, and sounds like you saved #1 from getting their stuff jacked...