Sunday, May 15, 2011

Death comes without warning.

From ABC 6 again comes this ugly news release...

This post comes immediately after my ban cars post that was tongue in cheek posted. I am saddened by this event. I have examined many motorcycle crashes and have found most of them are motorcycle driver caused.(Or his/her lack of knowledge).

My beautiful wife always seems to bring these deaths to my attention and I am sure she loves me when she tells me. (She would love it if I never rode again, and I get that.) But I am a motorcycle rider, I love it, I enjoy it and it's in my blood.  So, as long as my legs will get over the seat, and steady the metal, I will ride.

But I want everyone to know it is more dangerous than a car. Deaths, like the link above, do not happen all the time. They do occasionally happen. Who is to say if the pickup in the story above hit a mini cooper, or VW bug, or Smart Car that all the people inside would NOT have died??  It happens. 

And jumping in to my last post, why was that pick up driver allowed to drive on the roads of NJ.  Was he licensed?  Did he have proper training.  How could a nanny state like NJ allow a guy to cross into oncoming traffic and hit motorcycles head on?  NJ has a reputation for one of the toughest guns states, maybe they need better roadway barriers constructed to truly save lives on their roadways.(Where more people die than all other methods,)

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