Sunday, May 15, 2011

Google oops....

Google blogger had some issues this week and cut down on my blogging ability.  Let me give you a week in review.
  • Saturday last week umpire a 10:00 game, then get home in time to help son #1 move a bed into his house. He likes that I have a car and a pick up truck. After that was shower, Shave and go to the dreaded Philly for my sisters 60th birthday.  Great food, great family get together and my sister ain't looking 60. (More like a hot 40. ) My wife, my nephews wife, and my sister have all been blessed with looking younger all the time. 
  • Sunday was uneventful, with grass cutting a yard maintenance.
  • I am pretty sure I umpired every night except Wednesday. I stayed at work late on Wednesday to catch up some things.  Leaving work at 5 to umpire stops those little after 5 - 15 minute things you can do in quiet.  I squeezed them all in on Wednesday. Until 7:30.
  • Friday night game was first time I ever had to toss a ball player.  In 30+ years of umpiring this was the first time. He deserved it, but was apologetic, as were his parents, after the game. I don't take it personal. He did what he did, I reacted. Simple decision really. 
  • Yesterday, Sat. 5/14. Got up at 5:30 AM. Ugh.  Kids 3 and 4 had a band competition then trip to Dorney Park. Drove the drum equipment and cellos in the pickup. Loooooonnnnnnnggg day, after 2 competitions and all day in the park, get home at 9 ish PM. Exausted. In the time a frozen pizza was cooked after we got home I was asleep in my chair. 
  • Today we might, weather permitting, attend son #1s gig in Philly. Italian Festival in SOuth Philly.
So with little fanfare you are all caught up.  I will have some follow up on specific items in the news this week that always catch my eye.

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