Monday, May 30, 2011

Hazy, Hot and Humid!!!!

Welcome to May 30th and 93 degrees of sweltering heat! I awoke at 6:45 and drank my coffee. I woke my #3 son to get him ready to attend his memorial Day parade band show.  He and I drove to his school and loaded the percussion instruments into the truck, then brought them to the parade meeting start.  We unload the instruments, pack their cases back in the truck and head to the finishing spot.  I have this down pretty good now! It was 80 at 7 o'clock. 84 at 8:00 and 87 at 9.  Humidity was 82%.. It was close..
The kids marched and the kids sweated.  We had cold drinks, water, for them at the finish. They needed it. The Tuba girl was parched. Pack the instruments back up in the truck and back to school to unload it all again.  Time in; 3 hours of loading and unloading, sweat equity(with real sweat) was earned.

Nice time, I got some salutes from the few WW2 vets and Korean vets that the VFW had on a huge trailer. I remembered to wear my US Coast Guard Veteran hat this time! Nice little parade, great turn out of people!

So today is also my son #1s birthday! He is 26 years old today!  Incredible. His #3 brother and I sent him a text in the morning greeting his eyes with his first Happy Birthday of the day.  I am a lucky man with 4 great sons. In spite of all the mistakes I have made raising them, they have all turned out pretty good. (Wife deserves a lot of credit dealing with 5 boys.)

I posted my Memorial day remembrance early this year. I found a great link via the Coast Guard blog this year.  Lastly, I would like anyone who reads this to think of my friend Scott Hanna,  Boatswains mate 1st class and one of my classmates in Small Boat training in the Coast Guard.  Scott died during a routine Search and Rescue of the coast of North Carolina. He was in heavy seas and taking a sailboat along side, since her mast had broken.  He got all the people off the sailboat and safely stowed below, but for some reason he tried to un-cinch a line that was fouled between the 2 vessels.  He fell between them as they parted and when they came back together his head was crushed. He knew he had to go, he also knew he didn't have to come back.  Semper Paratus my friend.  I would have never passed that class if you didn't help me.  I will always remember you and revere you.  On this Memorial day, please join me in thanking Scott for taking out that 41 foot motor life boat!


  1. Touching tribute to your friend, may he rest in peace :)

  2. Thank you for stopping by and saying such nice words!!!