Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lawmaker's bill would restore Pa's motorcycle helmet law

A serious NANNY lawmaker who I happen to disagree with has once again written up a law to remove helmet choice from Pennsylvania motorcycle riders.  There is a rally planned for tomorrow in Harrisburg and I so wish I could go, but I can not.  My new position at work will not allow me the flexibility I once had to go to these lobby days.  People need to know there is a helmet law in Penna. If you under 21, you must wear a helmet. If you have been a licensed rider less than 2 years you must wear a helmet. So there are some choices for you to make.  Many of you know I wear a helmet on cold days for the heat. But mainly I do not choose to wear one. I have over 500,000 miles on bikes, I can choose for myself.  I also have ample medical insurance and motorcycle insurance.  My life insurance plan would take good care of my family if something were to happen. So I get annoyed when some namby-pamby politician, who I might add is a DEMONCRAT, decides to impose his will on my freedom of choice.

It is my sincere hope that my fellow bikers storm the Harrisburg capital tomorrow in numbers never before seen in those halls. I am hopeful that someone will straighten this NANNY stater out and explain to him that America is about FREEDOM.  If you live in Penna, I ask that you call your State Rep and ask them nicely to ignore anything coming out of Dan Frankels mouth in regards to Helmets.

Thank you.

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  1. IF you don't have the common sense to wear a lid, then, you should have at least $500,000 of med coverage to care for the accident you may have. It is irresponsible NOT to wear a lid, plain and simple. There is NO excuse for not, and I am a rider of 47 years+.