Thursday, May 26, 2011

An Off Night!!

I am happy to be posting this without the worry of hurrying along. With baseball umpiring, helping with coaching and being the VP of a local band association my nights and weekends are always hectic. Tonight I have off. No game to umpire, no game to coach, no band e mails to read or write. I am feeling relieved.

The last couple of nice days I have been able to ride the bike into work, I haven't done any additional riding but just that little bit helps calm my spirit. Tonight I rode through Valley Forge Historical Park on my way home to chill some more.  There were tons of people out walking, riding bikes and using the park as a get away.  Good for them all!

Speaking of the bike, I have been adding some fuel additive to the tank since my mechanic recommended it.  It has the bike running better than ever and I only have placed it in one tank full. It is smooth and running better.  Not only is gas for the bike over 4 bucks a gallon, but it is high in ethanol. My mechanic (Phil at Dream Bike Works) says he had Wawa gas tested and although it is listed as 10% ethanol, he discovered that  it was actually 17% ethanol. He highly recommended some gas treatment to E10 gas.. So on top of the Marvel Mystery Oil I add I am now adding Lucas Fuel Stabilizer. Geez Louis we have a lot of stuff to do every 170 miles. 

Tomorrow, I am hoping my company closes early.  I have to umpire a majors game tomorrow night. My clothes are all washed, so I am ready. Saturday and Sunday are looking good so far.  Monday is the Memorial Day parade so the band Dad will be busy early, 8 AM, loading the truck full of drum stuff. 

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