Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Sure Love to Ride!!

I had a great 2 days of riding this past Sunday and Monday. 25 bikes with 32 people headed to run from Hamburg Pennsylvania up through tiny little back roads to Wellsboro, PA. We got in a nice round number of between 350 and 400 miles all in. The trip was highlighted by a visit and pictures at the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. My good friend lead the run and he was spectacular in his road choices. We went hard left, hard right, right while going up, left while going up, left while going down and right while going down.  It was quite the work out for my newer tires.we enjoyed the road and the company we kept. My buddies wife came along and celebrated her 29th birthday! I had the rear of this line of bikes for all of the two days.

What I saw that I really liked?  3 of the guys brought their sons.  That was cool.
I saw two skunks fighting for 3 to 4 minutes and then when my buddy went to take a picture the skunk kinda sent up a warning blast of precious smelling juice towards MY MOTORCYCLE!!  Missed though than God!
I reaffirmed my hatred of early morning starts. Waking on a day off at 6:30 AM is no day off.  This was made worse by the fact that I had to ride 10 miles into town with no coffee.(Truly most dangerous part of the ride)
The scenery was better than advertised, even in the gray sky covered day of Sunday. It was better on Monday, with the hills being lit up with sunlight, but it was not better. 
I know I could do this everyday of my life and feel great about seeing/smelling/feeling new things along the way.

Sons 3 and 4 are in summer day camp for a lot of the summer, and that means I take them and need to drive the truck. The camp is on the way to work, so I'm not dropping them off and driving back home to get the bike. BUT today the boys stayed home, and I got to ride in.  B.U.T.  FULL day weather wise! 

Here I am talking to Charlie, a Marine Veteran, who had never heard Coast Guard guys called "Puddle Pirates."

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Governor Corbett Signs Castle Doctrine Into Law

Pennsylvania Governor Signs NRA-Backed Castle Doctrine into Law

Fairfax, Va. - Governor Tom Corbett has signed Pennsylvania Castle Doctrine legislation into law. This common-sense measure permits law-abiding citizens to use force, including deadly force, against an attacker in their home and any place where they have a legal right to be. It also protects individuals from civil lawsuits by an attacker or attacker’s family when force is used.

“Gov. Corbett and Pennsylvania lawmakers know that law-abiding citizens must have the right to protect themselves when criminals attack without fear of being second-guessed by an overzealous prosecutor,” said Chris W. Cox, executive director, National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action. “Crime victims don’t have the luxury of time when confronted by a criminal and must be able to count on the law being on their side. This new law accomplishes that by removing any mandate of forcible retreat.”

The NRA has led the nationwide movement to pass Castle Doctrine legislation, beginning with Florida in 2005. Pennsylvania is the 27th state to adopt this important measure with overwhelming bipartisan support. House Bill 40, sponsored by Rep. Scott Perry (R-92), passed by a 164 to 37 margin. Richard Alloway, II (R-33), sponsored the companion bill to HB 40, Senate Bill 273, which passed 43-4.

“I am very gratified that Governor Corbett has signed this legislation into law, correcting the grievous error made by the previous administration in denying these long-sought protections to our citizens,” said Rep. Perry. “There are many people who have worked hard to get this legislation to this point, and I am grateful to my House and Senate colleagues and to the National Rifle Association for their support. The time has finally come to return common sense and good judgment to state government, and this legislation is a step in that direction. A criminal should never have an advantage over a citizen who abides by the rules of decent society, and today, we finally achieved the goal of returning the right of self-defense to the law-abiding.”

"Law-abiding gun owners should not have to fear prosecution for acting to prevent a violent crime," said Sen. Alloway, who introduced Castle Doctrine legislation that was approved by the Senate in March. "I am thankful that the General Assembly has taken action to protect responsible gun owners who respond when facing a serious threat from a criminal. I would also like to thank the NRA for their strong leadership and hard work on this effort as it moved through the legislative process.”

“On behalf of NRA members and all gun owners in Pennsylvania, I would like to thank Rep. Perry; Sen. Alloway; and Gov. Corbett for their leadership in helping make Castle Doctrine a reality for Pennsylvanians,” concluded Cox. “This Castle Doctrine bill places the law on the side of law-abiding gun owners who unfortunately become victims of crime – exactly where the law should be.”


Fired??? Are You Kidding Me?

Can the government be this stupid?!?!!?


Saturday, June 25, 2011

700 Wonderful Miles in 2 Wonderful Days

I am heading out for a nice back country ride, so things will be quiet here. I am meeting 25 others riders for a motorcycle ride. It's something I need right now.  I need to ride, I need to be with some like minded individuals enjoying the road! We will be in the nice mountains of northern Pennsylvania. I will take some photos.

I am packed and leave at 5:45 AM.  Scenes from last year listed below!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Philly is Out Of Money and Proof is Right Here

Stop and frisk cost the city $115,000 X 8 plaintiffs.

In my opinion the article is written poorly.  Let me help you out.  8 people who had their rights ignored by the Philly LEOs received a positive cash flow amount of $115,000.00 EACH...  So 115 grand times 8 and some are not done. That is almost a million dollars in payouts, and now they make rules that STILL are not constitutional.
Nutter assured the City Hall audience that part of police officer re-training includes only allowing a search if there is a “real threat” and officers have reason to believe the would-be suspect is armed. Polls have shown ‘Stop and Frisk’ is tremendously popular with city residents.
The last sentence is funny as hell.  I can think of 8 people who didn't think having their rights violated was "tremendously popular"!  So the people of Philly don't recognize peoples individual inalienable rights?

“Gunwalker” never should have happened.

Who to prosecute the prosecutors?

I am truly locked into this story.  How our own government couldn't see the wheels coming off this entire event. I mean they basically allowed people to be innocently killed. I hope this continues, and I hope it gets some more people to understand how far the government illegally over stepped in this debacle.
I am not after the President, unless they can prove he came up with the idea, I am after anyone who conspired to make all this look like legal gun dealers were selling weapons they knowly were allowing to cross the border.  That is what Hillary said, it is what Janet N. said, and many others who were told to sing the lies.

I can think of a few movies where the asshole top fed gets away with stuff because he is a bad fed ass. Now I know where those ideas came from.  The dannytheman blinders are off, I see the conspiracy that was perpetrated.  In this case over 400 people have been killed.  Was this all in the name of attempting to get guns off the street?  Would tis turn the American people against their 2nd amendment rights, or allow them to be infringed?

I want some butts!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Castle Doctrine will be signed!! Hip, hip, horay!!!

From the Pittsburgh Tribune

I want to tell you all for the 10th time why I love this bill.  It was not my duty to retreat that I was ever worried about, truly.  I was always worried about losing my home and my worldly goods in a CIVIL SUIT from the "criminals" surviving family.  I earn a good wage, I have a nice house, I worked hard for everything I have.  I was always losing sleep over losing it all if some jury decided I violated some Criminals right to rob.beat/attempt to harm me.

When it is signed I will send a letter via Snail mail to the Governor to thank him for signing smart legislation! 

Further Up the Ladder??

Looks like this thing is not done yet....

This latest development comes after Issa told Fox News on Tuesday morning that he thinks Melson should resign.
“He was part of the bad judgment. And when I say bad judgment, it wasn’t just him,” Issa said on Fox News. “They had to go to Justice to get money, to get FBI agents, all of the other people that helped coordinate this, and to get the wiretaps they used. This was a program so stupid from the start.”

Wow, I said WOW!!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Mega-Scandal: Was ‘Gunwalker’ a PR Op for Gun Control?

Check this story out and let me know if you truly believe our government would stoop this low???
Considering the arming of narco-terrorist gangs, the destabilizing geopolitical effect on Mexico, the foreign policy ramifications, and the possibility of extrajudicial and criminal activity at the highest levels of the executive branch, a special prosecutor should be just one avenue of investigation. This could possibly lead to prison for senior administration officials and an indictment against President Barack Obama himself.

When you are done that little tidbit of shocker, read this next...


Fast and Furious was supposed to prove the theory. That is, the administration "knew" who the bad guys were -- legitimate gun dealers in the Southwest -- and set out to make them the heavies in a phony sting operation.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

From Behind the Plate

My season is over for umpiring.  I was asked to join the summer payed group for doing tournaments and Select games, but I turned them down.  I am tired. Dog tired.  I didn't make my goal of 50 games this year, but I did break last years number of 40 by 2.  I ended up umping 42 games this year, and only 3 of them were in the field. 39 games behind the plate. 39 games of bending down and standing up through 6, 7, or once this year, 9 long innings. Games where the temperature was 98 at 6:15 PM and Friday night games where we played through the chilly rain in April. I probably ate to many hot dogs and drank to much soda, since that is what is free for the umps after a game. I am recommending a better food selection for the umps next year.

More importantly, I want you all to know that my number 4 son played in the 11 year old's All Star game yesterday and he went 4 for 4, slicing in 3 singles and one BLAST of a stand up double.  I was very proud, and I noticed the coaches, who were there watching, were taking very obvious notice of his improved hitting ability! 

So for now my umpiring stories will be limited to me watching and reporting, not my actual experiences. Until next year. 


New Hampshire's slogan of Live Free or Die stands up to Federal money availability.
But read all the way through, as it seems like other States, including Virginia, are using PROFILING of Motorcyclist to write up violations. I am using the word profiling here as an example of ways the govern me can detain without Reasonable Suspicion a particular segment of society. What if the cops decided to pull over just Hybrid car drivers? (Prius, Honda, Toyota?) What if they wanted to pull over just Foreign car drivers? (BMW, Mercedes)
I am not sure what bothers me more. The fact that the money is available, or the fact that some LEO's are taking the money and using it. Scares the hell out of me. 
Previous news 
In an unprecedented victory on the motorcyclists’ rights front, New Hampshire became the first state to bar motorcycle-only roadside checkpoints. HB 148, co-sponsored by longtime biker activist State Rep. Sherm Packard, prohibits the acceptance of federal funding for the discriminatory roadblocks.

“No law enforcement agency of the state or a political subdivision of the state may accept federal funding the purpose of which is to establish motorcycle-only roadside checkpoints,” states the new law, which takes effect 60 days after passage.

Packard was one of the first biker-legislators in the country, and as an original member of the NCOM Legislative Task Force he literally wrote the book on “Getting Elected To Public Office”, a pamphlet that can be ordered free of charge through the National Coalition of Motorcyclists at (800) 525-5355 or via the internet at

On the flipside, however, Virginia recently joined New York, Georgia, Utah and Maine in conducting such controversial roadblocks, with the Arlington County Police Department setting up a motorcycle-only checkpoint on May 28th during the annual Rolling Thunder POW/MIA rally in Washington D.C. over Memorial Day weekend.

Also, on May 16th ABATE of New York held their annual Freedom Rally/Ride to the Capitol and as participants departed in small groups to return home, law enforcement units pulled over many of the riders and issued numerous citations of dubious legitimacy, primarily for helmets and exhausts.

“This ride has been held without incident for 15 years,” said Robert “Prospector” Boellner, a member of the NCOM Board of Directors representing the New England states, adding; “It is believed that this action by New York State Police was retaliation for a class-action lawsuit filed by AIM Attorney Mitch Proner against state police and DMV to stop the practice of motorcycle-only roadblocks.”

Compiled & Edited by Bill Bish,
National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM)

More worthless comments from me? 

When I get into a Helmet Law discussion with someone, I ask them straight out, "Do you ride?" My answer depends on their answer.  If they say no, I ask them if the government told them they had to wear a helmet while they were driving their car, what would they say? ("We have seat belts and air bags we don't need helmets is the most used answer) I ask them if they noticed that Nascar drivers all wear them? Then I ask at what speed limit should they wear one? 70 MPH, 80 MPH?   If they ride, I ask them what stupid thing they did that caused them to wear it. I hear from riders all the time who wear them that it saved their life during a crash or fall. I then ask these riders to tell me what stupid thing they did before the crash or fall. This gets them going....  The fact is MOST motorcycle accidents, over 65%, are caused by rider stupidity. Carrying to much speed in a curve,(Locking that rear brake) passing a car/SUV on the right at intersection and getting hit by car turning left,(They can't see you, but I know, you had the right of way) traveling to fast is my favorite.

So you may ask, why rant on helmets when the thread is on Roadblocks?  Easy.  FREEDOM.  F R E E D O M.  Don't Tread on Me.  I have to have MY freedom, not your freedom.  Can you get that?  

So I stay consistent!
  • I am against Roadblocks unless looking for a dangerous felon. So they look and you ain't the felon you go on your way, not detained because you have parking tickets, or outstanding court violation from Alaska.
  • I am against helmet laws, but respect those who wear them. I wear a helmet in States that have not passed freedom laws.
  • I am also against DUI checkpoints and still do not see how they are legal. Another scam, if you are not drunk, let me go. These should not be an excuse for cops to ticket you for Inspection, outstanding warrants or other miscellaneous BS.  (Look up your DUI enforcement, and you will see it has little success in finding drunks, but great success in finding people with no insurance, no State inspection, overdue owners card, and outstanding parking tickets. )
Rant over...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Gun WALKER (Operation Fast and Furious)

I've been waiting for the perfect way to spread the word to my readers, and as usual someone else wrote it.

Department of Justice officials hid behind semantics to lie and deny that they allowed guns to be walked across the border.
When asked by the Oversight Committee how many of 1,750 specific weapons that “walked” under orders of the ATF and DOJ could have been interdicted if agents were allowed to act as they were trained, the agents answered they could have stopped every single one.

What is missing is the back story of all the Obama administration stooges were blaming, and misrepresenting the numbers (Remember the 90% from US BS?) these gun dealers for selling guns illegally.  The Gun dealers were only cooperating with the government they trusted (or were bullied into it).

On December 14, 2010, a special unit of the U.S. Border Patrol came across a group of heavily armed suspects near Rio Rico, Arizona. The Border Patrol team identified themselves as law enforcement officers, at which point the armed men open fire. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was hit in the pelvis by a single bullet and died the next morning. One of the suspects was captured, and two AK-pattern semiautomatic rifles recovered at the scene were identified by serial number as weapons that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) — acting in concert with and with the blessing of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) — allowed weapons smugglers to purchase at U.S. gun shops.

Emphasis is obviously mine on Brian Terry. His life snuffed out because of rampant ATF stupidity.
What were they thinking?  Even if I sit back and attempt to see the BIG picture, I don't see it.   

Some things need to be kept on the front page, and this boondoggle that cost now over a reported 200 people their lives, needs to be scoured for truth and those responsible, if found criminal, need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Welcome Wisconsin to the 2nd Amendment!!

Wisconsin would become the 49th state to legalize carrying hidden guns. Those who want to carry the weapons would have to obtain a permit.

Story and details here.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flag Day

Are you flying your flag today??   Mine went up at 6:30. More info and history?

Interesting Link You Should See

Your freedoms equally measured by State.   I link you to Pennsylvania but all the States are there for you to review.  (Please do so when you get some clear time to examine.)
I found it incredible that the worst States on Gun Freedoms are the largest nanny States as rated at this University. You often read about my distaste for NY and NJ as it relates to my freedom as they relate to guns and motorcycle helmets.

Worst Freedom States you ask?

46. Massachusetts
47. Hawaii
48. California

49. New Jersey
50. New York

Worst Gun freedom States?  Nanny Gun Control States..

1 California
2 NJ
4 New York
5 Connecticut
6 Hawaii

For those of you that might wonder where Maryland lands?  43rd.   Proof that this calculation isn't about just guns?  Alaska, where no gun license is needed comes in at 44th, worse than Maryland.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Umpiring Update

I find that coaches who are used to having Dads umpire behind the plate do not understand how I can actually use the rules when I am back there. Friday night I have the 7:30 game. I insist on getting it started on time.  The field ump, a back up coach and dad, shows up late and makes me angry immediately when I attempt to call play ball and notice him standing in first base foul territory on the phone! I walk away and stair HARD down at him.  He gets off the phone. First inning goes well, no issue, easy calls.  2nd inning I get asked by the catcher if they can appeal the check swing ball I call, I point down to my field ump asking for a call.  He looks at me like a deer in the headlights.  He tells me its 2 and 2, I said, YELLED, I need the appeal of the check swing, he says, and I kid you not, "I didn't see it"! Oh My God!!  So now I have to watch things closer as I have ZERO help in the field!
3rd inning.  Kid running from 2nd to 3rd. Kid doesn't slide and run past the base, as he walks back the 3rd basemen,who now has the ball, tags him.  I call out, and get this, the coach, who is stationed as third base coach, tells me he pushed him off. I starting truly laughing out loud.  (Really? That's what happened? Your kid does not slide, he is off the base, but he as pushed? ROFLMAO)
Next inning a play at the plate and I see tag on ribs, toes on plate, ball in glove.  OUT!!! Coach says he tagged his back, and was safe.  Parents get into it, as coach continues to argue. I had great position, so I saw it.  OUT!!!  This particular coach needs to shut up!!

Game ends and mouthy coach loses.  Damn shame, good game.

Saturday morning 10 AM, another game. Great pitching and great plays by both teams. Done in 1 hour and 20 minutes, just the way I like it.  I go home and get about 30 minutes rest before having to work the Field of a 2:00 game.  No biggy in this one, had to call a baserunner out for leaving the basepath, but it was fun to watch. Some of these kids can really put the moves on.

Finally, me and the family get to go and get some food together at about 5 PM.  We go to the Texas Roadhouse in Chadds Ford, PA.  I ate the Rib Eye, with beans and Sweet Potato on the side.  I also had a 22 ounce beer. Actually, I ordered a second one but one and a half was plenty, and I left a half a glass. Got home and relaxed for an hour and then fell fast asleep.

Only 2 more umpire assignments before Playoffs are over. I guess I will have some playoff games.

Follow up as promised

Meryl Yourish was very kind in her response to my question about why Jewish woman feminist are not beating the crap out of Congressman Anthony Weiner. She stated to me that she doesn't write much on politics. She then stated she, "may put something up about the lack of feminist horror over Weiners weiner shots."  I can't wait to read it if she writes it.

So why do I defend Jewish woman?  I defend all falsehoods if I have direct personal knowledge. That is all I am saying.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Congressman Weiner insults them and I Love Them

A nice Jewish woman has something to say about her gun.   She also mentions she is a feminist, yet I do not see anything on her blog about Anthony Weiners insult to Jewish woman everywhere.

I will ask her.  And I do not believe this is her below in the picture.

Ban on automobiles up for discussion again?

Another reasons to ban cars is proven here, and this time the man is licensed, and has insurance, too!
Where are the anti gun people with their position on this consistent killing that occurs daily in the United States? 

The playoffs......

God, I love this time of year.  I now get to Umpire the playoffs.  This is seeing the best pitchers and players. The games are always good and low scoring. Easy to call balls and strikes when you get a good pitcher. The kids generally know all the rules by now and the game flows fairly well. 
So the schedule is as follows:
  1. Tonight at 7:30
  2. Tomorrow at 10:00 AM
  3. Monday at 6:15 PM
  4. Tuesday at 6:15 PM  
4 games in 5 days.  Yeah baby!!   Drinking water and resting in between.  I want to bring my "A" game each time!

Hershey Park Review!

HOT!  HOT!!!    HOT ! ! !
I would definitely tell anyone asking that going to a amusement park on a 95 to 100 degree day is not a good move. It was a brutal day.

Thanks to Hershey for supplying FREE water to us all for the day.

Now to the highlights.
  • The lines were short for most of the day
  • I attended 2 shows for the A/C comfort and truly enjoyed both
  • The show was on tap dancing and lasted about 30 minutes.
  • There were tons of people in the water park.
  • Some of the kids on the bus,all 8th grade, had never smelled manure? At 14?
  • Some/many of the kids are very, very spoiled puppies.
  • Some got heat exposure and wilted.
  • One tossed his cookies and he had plenty to eat and drink. 
  • Some of the tough boys are really sissies. (Afraid of rides? really?)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Sweetest Place On Earth

I have a couple days off this week. One of them will be to join my #3 sons 8th grade class on his class trip to Hershey Park. I am a chaperone for the trip, but I never really know what that means.  My wife and I chaperone these trips a lot and there is really nothing for the parents to do, but I guess there is a psychological advantage to having Moms and Dads along for the trip. I get a long with all my sons friends, I like them and they respect me. I leave him alone and don't crowd him, he is a smart responsible boy and he always seems to remember his upbringing, so as he gets older my wife and I let out more rope.  It has worked for us both with the older 2 boys, so hoping number 3 will follow suite.

I haven't been inside Hershey Park for a couple of years, and even when I was there it was a company picnic thing. A couple guys and I rode our bikes out and we ate lunch and then left to go back riding. I didn't get to sample many of the rides and amusements when I was there. (Although it was weird seeing a couple of woman I worked with for years in wet bathing attire, one smoking hot, 3 others not so. LOL)  So this time I will actually be able to sample some of the rides and fun of the park. I might even buy and eat some sweets. (I love Hershey milk chocolate) I must add that the temps will up in the upper 90's while we are there, I just heard on the TV.  That may make it more interesting. Sun Screeen and hydration alert!

So look for some pictures and ride reviews here later in the week.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

This and That on my Weekend!

Friday night umpire a 5:30 game behind the plate, good game, fast game. 95 minutes.
Friday night umpire the field at the 7:30 game, lousy game, long game 2.5 hours. Home after 10.
Saturday morning umpire game at 10:00 behind the plate. Minor A game, bad pitching.
Saturday afternoon umpire field of noon game. Nice weather, nice game.

What is missing is that I had to squeeze in picking up my #1 sons snow blower and lawn mower at the repair shop, washing my uniform and drying it and attempting to get some sleep. My attempt to take the #3 and #4 sons fishing has been canceled!  Maybe next weekend.  Cutting the acres tomorrow, and it will need to be raked!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Oh Yeah, I'm a Biker!!

Riding back and forth to work. 17 miles there, 17 miles back. Then switch to truck.
Thursday baseball and drive my neighbor to Home Depot to get his gas grill.(Hey, Danny has a truck!) Friday baseball, Saturday baseball. Saturday pick up #1 sons lawn mower and snow blower in Daddy's truck.  Sunday??  Maybe take the family surf/bay fishing in my truck.

Yup, I am a biker..........ROFLMAO!!