Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Castle Doctrine will be signed!! Hip, hip, horay!!!

From the Pittsburgh Tribune

I want to tell you all for the 10th time why I love this bill.  It was not my duty to retreat that I was ever worried about, truly.  I was always worried about losing my home and my worldly goods in a CIVIL SUIT from the "criminals" surviving family.  I earn a good wage, I have a nice house, I worked hard for everything I have.  I was always losing sleep over losing it all if some jury decided I violated some Criminals right to rob.beat/attempt to harm me.

When it is signed I will send a letter via Snail mail to the Governor to thank him for signing smart legislation! 

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  1. That's gonna upset a few folks... Guess we'll be seeing the "OMG, the street will run red with blood" headlines for a while.