Sunday, June 19, 2011

From Behind the Plate

My season is over for umpiring.  I was asked to join the summer payed group for doing tournaments and Select games, but I turned them down.  I am tired. Dog tired.  I didn't make my goal of 50 games this year, but I did break last years number of 40 by 2.  I ended up umping 42 games this year, and only 3 of them were in the field. 39 games behind the plate. 39 games of bending down and standing up through 6, 7, or once this year, 9 long innings. Games where the temperature was 98 at 6:15 PM and Friday night games where we played through the chilly rain in April. I probably ate to many hot dogs and drank to much soda, since that is what is free for the umps after a game. I am recommending a better food selection for the umps next year.

More importantly, I want you all to know that my number 4 son played in the 11 year old's All Star game yesterday and he went 4 for 4, slicing in 3 singles and one BLAST of a stand up double.  I was very proud, and I noticed the coaches, who were there watching, were taking very obvious notice of his improved hitting ability! 

So for now my umpiring stories will be limited to me watching and reporting, not my actual experiences. Until next year. 

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  1. We're not getting any younger :-) Glad you're done for the year!