Wednesday, June 22, 2011

“Gunwalker” never should have happened.

Who to prosecute the prosecutors?

I am truly locked into this story.  How our own government couldn't see the wheels coming off this entire event. I mean they basically allowed people to be innocently killed. I hope this continues, and I hope it gets some more people to understand how far the government illegally over stepped in this debacle.
I am not after the President, unless they can prove he came up with the idea, I am after anyone who conspired to make all this look like legal gun dealers were selling weapons they knowly were allowing to cross the border.  That is what Hillary said, it is what Janet N. said, and many others who were told to sing the lies.

I can think of a few movies where the asshole top fed gets away with stuff because he is a bad fed ass. Now I know where those ideas came from.  The dannytheman blinders are off, I see the conspiracy that was perpetrated.  In this case over 400 people have been killed.  Was this all in the name of attempting to get guns off the street?  Would tis turn the American people against their 2nd amendment rights, or allow them to be infringed?

I want some butts!!!

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  1. So do I, but I'm betting the ones truly in charge will never get a day in jail!