Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Sure Love to Ride!!

I had a great 2 days of riding this past Sunday and Monday. 25 bikes with 32 people headed to run from Hamburg Pennsylvania up through tiny little back roads to Wellsboro, PA. We got in a nice round number of between 350 and 400 miles all in. The trip was highlighted by a visit and pictures at the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. My good friend lead the run and he was spectacular in his road choices. We went hard left, hard right, right while going up, left while going up, left while going down and right while going down.  It was quite the work out for my newer tires.we enjoyed the road and the company we kept. My buddies wife came along and celebrated her 29th birthday! I had the rear of this line of bikes for all of the two days.

What I saw that I really liked?  3 of the guys brought their sons.  That was cool.
I saw two skunks fighting for 3 to 4 minutes and then when my buddy went to take a picture the skunk kinda sent up a warning blast of precious smelling juice towards MY MOTORCYCLE!!  Missed though than God!
I reaffirmed my hatred of early morning starts. Waking on a day off at 6:30 AM is no day off.  This was made worse by the fact that I had to ride 10 miles into town with no coffee.(Truly most dangerous part of the ride)
The scenery was better than advertised, even in the gray sky covered day of Sunday. It was better on Monday, with the hills being lit up with sunlight, but it was not better. 
I know I could do this everyday of my life and feel great about seeing/smelling/feeling new things along the way.

Sons 3 and 4 are in summer day camp for a lot of the summer, and that means I take them and need to drive the truck. The camp is on the way to work, so I'm not dropping them off and driving back home to get the bike. BUT today the boys stayed home, and I got to ride in.  B.U.T.  FULL day weather wise! 

Here I am talking to Charlie, a Marine Veteran, who had never heard Coast Guard guys called "Puddle Pirates."


  1. Looks and sounds like a great ride! Glad you got the chance to do it!

  2. I needed it bad, too!! Maybe you can join us next year, I am hearing Salisbury MD to Nags Head.