Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Interesting Link You Should See

Your freedoms equally measured by State.   I link you to Pennsylvania but all the States are there for you to review.  (Please do so when you get some clear time to examine.)
I found it incredible that the worst States on Gun Freedoms are the largest nanny States as rated at this University. You often read about my distaste for NY and NJ as it relates to my freedom as they relate to guns and motorcycle helmets.

Worst Freedom States you ask?

46. Massachusetts
47. Hawaii
48. California

49. New Jersey
50. New York

Worst Gun freedom States?  Nanny Gun Control States..

1 California
2 NJ
4 New York
5 Connecticut
6 Hawaii

For those of you that might wonder where Maryland lands?  43rd.   Proof that this calculation isn't about just guns?  Alaska, where no gun license is needed comes in at 44th, worse than Maryland.


  1. Interesting parallel there, not necessarily for the better either... Thanks!

  2. I am happy to live in Pennsylvania, but all to often have to travel through New York, New Jersey and Maryland! I am surrounded by nanny States.