Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Philly is Out Of Money and Proof is Right Here

Stop and frisk cost the city $115,000 X 8 plaintiffs.

In my opinion the article is written poorly.  Let me help you out.  8 people who had their rights ignored by the Philly LEOs received a positive cash flow amount of $115,000.00 EACH...  So 115 grand times 8 and some are not done. That is almost a million dollars in payouts, and now they make rules that STILL are not constitutional.
Nutter assured the City Hall audience that part of police officer re-training includes only allowing a search if there is a “real threat” and officers have reason to believe the would-be suspect is armed. Polls have shown ‘Stop and Frisk’ is tremendously popular with city residents.
The last sentence is funny as hell.  I can think of 8 people who didn't think having their rights violated was "tremendously popular"!  So the people of Philly don't recognize peoples individual inalienable rights?


  1. Dang, I could USE a payout like that :-) /snark off Pretty @#@&* sad that they STILL don't have their act together!

  2. You and me both on that payout....

    But hitting them in the pocketbook is getting them to accept, the hard way, the Constitution of the good ole USA.