Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Sweetest Place On Earth

I have a couple days off this week. One of them will be to join my #3 sons 8th grade class on his class trip to Hershey Park. I am a chaperone for the trip, but I never really know what that means.  My wife and I chaperone these trips a lot and there is really nothing for the parents to do, but I guess there is a psychological advantage to having Moms and Dads along for the trip. I get a long with all my sons friends, I like them and they respect me. I leave him alone and don't crowd him, he is a smart responsible boy and he always seems to remember his upbringing, so as he gets older my wife and I let out more rope.  It has worked for us both with the older 2 boys, so hoping number 3 will follow suite.

I haven't been inside Hershey Park for a couple of years, and even when I was there it was a company picnic thing. A couple guys and I rode our bikes out and we ate lunch and then left to go back riding. I didn't get to sample many of the rides and amusements when I was there. (Although it was weird seeing a couple of woman I worked with for years in wet bathing attire, one smoking hot, 3 others not so. LOL)  So this time I will actually be able to sample some of the rides and fun of the park. I might even buy and eat some sweets. (I love Hershey milk chocolate) I must add that the temps will up in the upper 90's while we are there, I just heard on the TV.  That may make it more interesting. Sun Screeen and hydration alert!

So look for some pictures and ride reviews here later in the week.

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