Sunday, June 12, 2011

Umpiring Update

I find that coaches who are used to having Dads umpire behind the plate do not understand how I can actually use the rules when I am back there. Friday night I have the 7:30 game. I insist on getting it started on time.  The field ump, a back up coach and dad, shows up late and makes me angry immediately when I attempt to call play ball and notice him standing in first base foul territory on the phone! I walk away and stair HARD down at him.  He gets off the phone. First inning goes well, no issue, easy calls.  2nd inning I get asked by the catcher if they can appeal the check swing ball I call, I point down to my field ump asking for a call.  He looks at me like a deer in the headlights.  He tells me its 2 and 2, I said, YELLED, I need the appeal of the check swing, he says, and I kid you not, "I didn't see it"! Oh My God!!  So now I have to watch things closer as I have ZERO help in the field!
3rd inning.  Kid running from 2nd to 3rd. Kid doesn't slide and run past the base, as he walks back the 3rd basemen,who now has the ball, tags him.  I call out, and get this, the coach, who is stationed as third base coach, tells me he pushed him off. I starting truly laughing out loud.  (Really? That's what happened? Your kid does not slide, he is off the base, but he as pushed? ROFLMAO)
Next inning a play at the plate and I see tag on ribs, toes on plate, ball in glove.  OUT!!! Coach says he tagged his back, and was safe.  Parents get into it, as coach continues to argue. I had great position, so I saw it.  OUT!!!  This particular coach needs to shut up!!

Game ends and mouthy coach loses.  Damn shame, good game.

Saturday morning 10 AM, another game. Great pitching and great plays by both teams. Done in 1 hour and 20 minutes, just the way I like it.  I go home and get about 30 minutes rest before having to work the Field of a 2:00 game.  No biggy in this one, had to call a baserunner out for leaving the basepath, but it was fun to watch. Some of these kids can really put the moves on.

Finally, me and the family get to go and get some food together at about 5 PM.  We go to the Texas Roadhouse in Chadds Ford, PA.  I ate the Rib Eye, with beans and Sweet Potato on the side.  I also had a 22 ounce beer. Actually, I ordered a second one but one and a half was plenty, and I left a half a glass. Got home and relaxed for an hour and then fell fast asleep.

Only 2 more umpire assignments before Playoffs are over. I guess I will have some playoff games.


  1. Kudos for taking the time and interest to be an umpire! Not a job everyone either wants or is good at. I agree, if you show up you 'should' do the job! It may not be the pros, but still your head should be in the game!!!

  2. Thanks NFO!! I took the time to learn all the rules and I prefer people try to take their assignment seriously. Only have a month left between Little League championships and tournament teams. It goes by so fast!