Thursday, July 28, 2011

Flabbergasted, dumbfouded and stupified

I watched all the footage, I have read all the new reports and I am shocked that MY/OUR government knowingly broke the rules they were sworn to uphold. Now I read that the White House knew.
The military is being politically correct with recruits who are Muslim.
With the passage of DADT there will be a mass exodus stage right of well trained officers and enlisted.
The people at the top have lost it completely.
I have never felt so sad!!  What have we become?? Where can I escape to?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gunwalker/Fast and Furious Hearings

 I have a meeting in Reston, Virginia today and will not see this hearing, I will look at it tonight and let you know what I think!

The Full Committee hearing entitled, "Operation Fast and Furious: The Other Side of the Border" will take place at 10:00am on Tuesday, July 26th in room 2154 Rayburn House Office Building.

The hearing will be streamed live at

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back From Vacation!

Me and the family had a great weather week in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The drive down took 9 hours and ride home was 9 and half hours.  The ride home would have been 8 hours but traffic snag had us stopped for one hour in 99 degree temps.  I literally flew across North Carolina on 40 West  and 95 North. I would never admit to speeding, but picture a number with an 8 and a 5 in it, now close your eyes and think about doing that number for 4 straight hours. You should come up with 11:00 to 3:00 and 346 miles in those 4 hours. Yawzer!!  Also you must know that I averaged 17.3 MPG at that speed. I passed a few Prius's, that's for sure!
Then we stopped as we passed Richmond. And stopped again, and then dead stopped!!  I pulled off the road and got gas and some food, but we trudged back into the traffic and sludged along. I am so glad I flushed and changed the radiator coolant. (Genius, I know) When we made it passed DC we got in the clear again!  Speed limit in Virginia was 70, NC was 70 and South Carolina was 65 and 70.  Maryland was mostly 55 DUMB....    Some 65, but mostly 55.  As I hit the 495 bypass around Wilmington, Debelaware I know I was almost home!  Even the infamous Blue Route was not backed up. 
So vacation fun?  Medieval Times, Pirates Voyage, Legends in Concert and Alligator Adventure!!  Beach, Pool, Food of all varieties. My number 4 son became 12 years old while we were there.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Heat!!!!!!!!! 104 degrees in Philly

I call this summer!  But the left wing libtards are starting with the Global warming crap again.  Fear not my friends, winter will be back and all will be cold!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Ignorance is rampant.

Vacationing with slooooowwww wifi.

Posts are low due to having to much fun on top of WiFi being slow as possible. Me and the family are happily vacationing in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Sons 3 and 4 are having a ball while we visit Medieval Times, Pirates Adventure and Legends shows.


HB 381  an Act to Prevent Law Enforcement Agencies from establishing patterns for vehicle stops at checking stations based on a particular type of vehicle is now Session Law 2011-216,” reports Doc Ski, legislative director for CBA/ABATE of North Carolina and a member of the National Coalition of Motorcyclists Legislative Task Force (NCOM-LTF).

The legislation passed unanimously through both houses of the legislature, and was signed into law on June 23 by Governor Beverly Perdue, making North Carolina the second state in a month behind New Hampshire to enact such laws in response to NHTSA funding of motorcycle-only checkpoints to stop motorcyclists en route to major biker events to check equipment and paperwork.

This bill, sponsored by Rep. John A. Torbett (R-Stanley), provides that a vehicle checkpoint pattern designated by a law enforcement agency shall not be based on a particular vehicle type and must include all types of vehicles, but does not restrict any other type of checkpoint or roadblock which is otherwise lawful.

In addition to preventing motorcycle-only roadblocks, Governor Perdue also signed HB 113 to increase the minimum penalties for violating the right of way of a motorcyclist.  The previous fine for this infraction was a mere $25, but this bill sponsored by Rep. Ric Killian (R-Raleigh) calls for a $200 fine for a driver who causes a motorcyclist to leave his travel lane.  The fine is increased to $500 if there is property damage or personal injury sustained from this violation.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Over at Days of our Trailers.

Someone else thinking similar to me..

The current administration has manufactured a crisis in which they could offer a solution through more gun control.

The amount of spin going on only reinforces my conclusions.

“Keep your powder dry” has become a glib phrase which means little simply because it‘s been over used.

Having said that…keep your powder dry.

That’s the first time I’ve ever said that.

Coincidentally,  I said that exact sentence last night in an e mail to a friend. "Keep your powder dry, and that's the first time I ever said that."  I am now starting to get nervous!

An Ode To The Venerable Turtle Top

As vacation looms on the horizon for my family, I wanted to wax poetic about a piece of equipment we use to help transport us to far away places. My beautiful wife in the past had about a year and half where she would wake early and go out with her sister on weekend mornings looking for for garage sale bargains. She tended to grab only the most needed things, many small and yet intelligent buys. One day she came home and informed me that I had to go pick something up somewhere and it was a turtle top she bought at a garage sale for 20 bucks.  I have to admit to you I was ignorant to the power of the turtle top, but I was knowledgeable in the intelligence of my wife. So, with me grumbling I'm sure, we headed off in my truck, then a Ford Bronco 2, and picked up our plastic Turtle Top. We brought it home and I sprayed some WD-40 on the hinges, but for the most part this baby was brand new. 
So let's talk about vacationing. When you have a Ford Taurus and 2, then 3 kids, and you load the trunk and add on the bike rack, you really don't have much room.  We carry beach chairs, umbrella, coolers, fishing rods, sand toys, boogie boards, etc., etc.  You add on a Turtle Top and you have TONS of new room. I really mean megatons. In the Turtle Top goes all the bags and luggage, all the beach towels and all sundry items.  Might not seem like a lot, but we will go ever inventory in a moment.
In the later years, we moved on to a Honda Odyssey to tote our now 4 sons to various shore locations. Some of them 2 hours away, some 4, others, and my favorite, 10 hours. 2 teenaged boys, 2 boys in car seats, and TONS of stuff. One year we hauled 4 bikes, 3 boogie boards and 2 huge shovels. (And, remember all the crap you need to haul for a baby?? Diapers, playpen, etc.. OMG!!)
Now we are older and our second set of sons, #3 and #4, still get to go on vacation. We take my truck and I put the Turtle Top in the bed of the truck and bungee her to the tie downs. This still allows me plenty of room for all the extras, and I can keep the extended cab clear for the 10 hour run.
The cars, vans and trucks this old Turtle Top has accessorized? A Subaru GL, a Ford Bronco 2, a Ford Taurus, a Honda Odyssey, and Ford f-350 Van and a Chevy Silverado. 

The stuff that it has hauled? Obviously bags, but bags for 6 people, including one very beautiful lady who takes a ton herself, to obviously look good for me. Beach Towels, we seem to have a HUGE collection and always have more on the return trip. XBox, Play Station or Wei AKA game station popular that year, DVDs now, but VHS tapes back not long ago, Portable playpens, bibs, bottles, fold up jolly jumper, wind up Swing, and I could go on all day!

 When I go up into the attic of the garage to retrieve the venerable Turtle Top, it flashes me back to all the fabulous times and wonderful family trips we have had. It bailed me out and allowed me to relax and have relative comfort in my travels. Funny how your mind works, huh? It struck me so hard that I had to write a blog about it. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Extra, Extra Read All About It!!

WOW, powerful stuff

If most of the claims regarding this scandal are substantiated — and developing evidence certainly indicates a high likelihood of that happening — we face a watershed moment in American history.


Our federal law enforcement apparatus became a criminal conspiracy. This was an assault on the democratic rule of law and the very essence of our republic.

Easy Week

I have been able to ride the bike to work each day this week.  Early part of the week was Hot and Humid. Latter part of the week has been gorgeous! On days like these that are gorgeous I tend to ride at lunch and clear my head. In my 40 minutes yesterday, I got gas and 30 miles in. So in a week I pretty much came and went from work and did not much at home when I got there, I got in a little under 250 miles of riding in. Not a bad way to commute for those of you who do not ride.
I can wear jeans to work, I keep my boots at a high Military spit shine and parking the bike at work is a breeze. I can get a tiny spot right outside my door. So I add a nice dress shirt and I am ready for the day.
I would be remiss if I didn't share with you my troubles from yesterday though.

Due to a bunch of circumstances, my keys for the motorcycle got left in my truck. So I went to work with no key. My Harley can be left unlocked and still have the key off. ANYWAY.....  I got halfway to work and I was running low on gas so I pull into a gas station and DAMN, I forgot my key, so I couldn't open my locking gas cap. It is a soda machine key, and I had been told that any Harley key would open it. In my office there happens to be 3 people who also own a Harley so I visit each of them and ask if they have their key with them. Not a one. So I am sitting in the office wondering how in hell I am going to make it home, should I try, what is my wife or son doing if I run out??  Then a light bulb moment hits. I wonder down to our facilities guy and ask him if I can borrow any soda machine keys he might have. (We have vending machines in the building) He hands me, after I explain to him my plight for the 4th time, and out to my bike I go. Guess what??  ANY soda machine key works on a Harley gas cap, well at least all 5 of the ones I had. How about that. So after having a bike for 7 years and being told that only Harley keys open it, and completely buying that, cause it seemed to make sense, I find it NOT TRUE.  So the facilities guy gives me two keys that he has no idea what they are for and says keep em. So now I have some spares on the bike. Crisis averted.  Oh, and when I went to get gas it took only 4.6 gallons so I had 4 tenths of a gallon left, which theoretically could have gotten me home if I caught a couple green lights.

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

How many machine gun (Fully automatic weapons)deaths in the United States have occurred since 1934?  Think of all the movies you have seen, The Godfather, Rambo, others.....

The answer is 2.  No really, 2.

Bob Owens, the journalist who has been on top of all this, is a man on a mission. He has impressed me on his facts and the back up of those facts. I appreciate his skill and ability, but I love his passion!

I know how he feels!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Holder Must Go!!!

Designed to promote gun control. Read all about it!

"Internal ATF emails seem to suggest that ATF agents were counseled to highlight a link between criminals and certain semi-automatic weapons in order to bolster a case for a rule like the one the DOJ announced yesterday [Monday]."

And more. Bob Owens is becoming my hero.

"Can you see if these guns were all purchased from the same FfL and at one time. We are looking at anecdotal cases to support a demand letter on long gun multiple sales. Thanks Mark R. Chait Assistant Director Field Operations."

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Updated Fast and Furious Information is a Must See!

Everything you need to know.....

This is a great summation of news to get anyone up to date! 

More On My Thoughts on Helmet Laws.

 Sorry about this taking up my time, but I truly despise people who close their mind to the possibilities! Fot the last time, if you want to wear a helmet I support your choice. I believe that training to avoid a crash is far more important than what you wear when you do.

Helmet laws do indeed reduce motorcycle fatalities, but only because many stop riding or ride fewer miles.

Who do you think is the single biggest lobbyist for mandatory helmet laws in every state? Who spends the most money by far year after year trying to make mandatory helmet use a federal law? That’s right, the insurance industry.

But not for the reasons you might think. It’s not because they’re concerned for our safety; they could care less if we all died tomorrow. No, their motive is the oldest one of all, greed.
Since the overwhelming majority of accidents involving a car and a motorcycle are the car driver’s fault (statistical fact), insurance companies almost always end up paying a huge settlement to the motorcyclist on behalf of their careless cager client. As you know, hitting a motorcycle isn’t like hitting another car, it’s far more deadly and far more expensive than a dented fender.
In every state that has a helmet law but then repeals that law (like my state, Florida), motorcycle registrations soar, absolutely without exception. Conversely, in states that have no helmet law but then enact one, motorcycle registrations plummet, again, without exception. These are easily checked facts.
Also, when a helmet law is repealed, motorcyclists on average ride many more miles due to not being as uncomfortable. And again, the reverse holds true. Consequently, the more motorcycles on the road and the more miles they travel, the more motorcycle accidents there will be. That’s not just a statistical fact, it’s simple logic.

The insurance industry figured all this out years ago. Simply by reducing the number of motorcycles and miles traveled, they can save billions of dollars in claims each and every year. And what’s the most effective way to get motorcyclists to ride less or stop riding altogether? Force them to wear a helmet. But not just any helmet, it has to be so big and heavy that it actually causes physical pain if worn for long.

And what’s the most effective way to force giant helmets on all motorcyclists? Bribe politicians, pay off journalists, sponsor big ad campaigns and convince cagers (aka the vast majority of voters) that they’ll no longer have to worry about killing or injuring bikers once we’re all wearing Gazoo-style helmets.
Fact: Most motorcycle deaths are caused by internal injuries, not head injuries.
Fact: The majority of riders who do die from head injuries die wearing DOT-labeled helmets.
Fact: Even the government admits no helmet is effective at speeds above 15 mph.
Fact: This year 28 times more cagers will suffer traumatic brain injuries than motorcyclists.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Helmet Law Discussion

Read more about it here.

Most of my steady readers, all 3 of you, know I ride a bike most of the time. I peruse the web and find interesting sites that I might pop in weekly relating to motorcycle issues. Last week I jumped into a blog and started posting some responses as it seemed I was the only one on this forum who did not often wear a helmet. I was aghast how ugly the helmet Natzi's became. They quickly reminded me of the AntiGun crusaders. They made accusations and statements, with little or no proof. When I would make a point or statement, they would twist into me saying something I never said, it was/is horrible.
You would think they might want to gain some knowledge from a guy who has ridden over 270,000 miles on a motorcycle and has never fallen. I try to explain to them that I have taken the Experienced Riders course 8 times, the basic twice. I explain that I am all about accident prevention and what my own experience shows.("Most" motorcycle accidents are the bikers fault if extrapolated out on circumstances.)  Booze, traveling to fast, cornering without scrubbing speed, lack of skill for environment are a few. But the helmet Natzi's are having none of it. Some examples of their ignorance??  Thanks for asking.
If they statistically arent better and should wear them in cars I suppose it would apply to guys riding MX and in the dirt.
I never said anything about dirt riding, I was speaking about on the road.
If you dont wear a helmet you should be forced to sign a insurance waiver that says so. I dont want my rates or gov/municipal costs raised and used for covering ignorance.
Of course he offers no proof how this would cost more. I should die faster and cost less, right?

Is that something you would tell your 16 year old son who just bought his first street bike?
All All 50 States have a law for 16 years olds, duh!  

Its funny how some riders want to act like riding without a helmet is a “right” or “choice”.
See how he merged Right, as in inalienable Right, with Choice? I never said I had a right. I take my rights very seriously and  I know the difference, I bet he does not. In my State, I have the freedom to choose, so I do. It does not agree with some peoples beliefs and they want to impose their belief system on me.

So can you all see that this Motorcycle issue is similar to the gun issue?  You would think motorcyclist would all be brothers of the wind. You would guess that all the pro gun people would always agree.

I saved the best for last, for here is a guy who can be debated on equal terms.

Serious riders always wear helmets. Simple as that.
He could get a job with the Brady Organization, I hear they are hiring.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hello to Motorcycle members

I have worn a helmet!!  Like I said, it is the warmest hat I own! 

Like Minded Friend! While I Was Sleeping!

While I was sleeping Old NFO was investigating and found this!!!!

My blinders are off, people!!   I have never in my life believed the US Government could sink to the lowest depths to undermine the 2nd amendment.  I was naive, I openly admit it. I now see that conspiracies of this magnitude do exist in the bowls of our government.
Don't we have enough problems with REAL issues? We have time to conspire, using 3 major agencies, ATF, FBI and the "Justice" department, to loosen the thought process of the citizens of the States by falsely making it look like illegal guns, sold by illegal US dealers, were to blame for all deaths, foreign and domestic. (Sorry for the run on sentence)

Folks be very worried about your government!  They have shown to not be trusted!

Thanks to Old NFO for the link!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Biker Down....

I have been riding a motorcycle since I was a kid. Yamaha's, Honda's, Kawasaki's, Suzuki's, Can Ams's, Victory's and Harley's. I am sure I have ridden almost 10 to 15 times the circumference of the earth.  I am one of those people that at one time ONLY had a bike to ride and didn't own a car. So when I tell you I have ridden everywhere and in every condition I am not embellishing my statements.
I became enthralled as a Safety Officer because I had a theory of my own and I needed a way to examine it closer. So with every motorcycle accident I had the chance to investigate I gathered more proof of my theory. My theory is that 85% of motorcycle accidents are due to lack of skills or just plain stupidity.
Yes, all of you can find the story of the bike that was rear ended at a traffic light. Yes, it was not the bikers fault, but I look deeper and see how much RED light was visible on the rear of his/her bike. Did the biker place a smoked cover on his tail light to make the bike look cool? Did the changeout to LED lighting impact the brightness?  I spend a great deal of time having my own hypothesis on the subject.

Carrying to much speed into a corner?  Yup...Happens.
Group riding and not looking ahead? Yup... Happens.
Driving to close the vehicle ahead? Yup... Happens.
(Especially with 50% being crossovers and SUVs now)
Driving to fast? Crotch Rocket drivers??  Yup... Happens.
How about having a cocktail??  Yup...Happens.

So here is what I want you to see.  Let's take 100 bikes and my statistics.
100 bike accidents and 50% have booze accidents leaves 50 bikes.
100 bike accidents and 25% carry to much speed into a corner. That's 25 bikes.
100 bike accidents and 12% are dumping crotch rockets for speed or showing off. 12 bikes.
100 bike accidents and 8% are driving to close behind and turned left in front me? 8 bikes.
100 bikes and 6% are caused by improper group riding technique? 5 bikes.

50+25+12+8+5 = 100%   How is that possible??  What my hypothesis says is that Statistically Motorcycle riders are their own worst enemy when it comes to riding. Obviously as you make the number of bikes increase the numbers do not skew equally. But my theory shows that a well educated, safe rider can easily avoid almost all the pitfalls that can impact them if they choose to do so. 

Rant # 3,657,165 on traffic and rude people who drive.

Summer is usually a good time for traffic in my area. People are vacationing and there are less cars on the road! My morning commute of 17 miles gets 5 minutes cut of it and it is far more relaxing. This is not to say that there are not a few serious idiots on the road. I am so use to seeing the clueless folks with a cell phone pasted to their heads that hardly bothers me anymore. So I look for more devilish driving habits that people employ to get that one car advantage on the roadways.
Let me take you back to last Wednesday for a moment. I am dropping my #3 and #4 sons off at their day camp. I drop them off and I exit the facility as I normally do. At the exit there is a traffic light, and there is 2 lanes. One that is straight and right turn, the one I am in is straight only. I picked this lane so others behind me can make the right on red if they choose. So a guy in a Land Rover pulls up to my right and guess what, he is going straight, too.  He screws up the 3 people behind him that want to turn right. I notice he is bumping the gas pedal which clues me to the fact that he is going to jump at the green and beat me to the merge. Normally I let asshats like this one go, since it really isn't that important, right?  But for some reason I feel like I have to teach this ignorant butthead that his little Land Rover ain't going to beat my BIG 8 Chevy Truck to the merge. So without ever looking over at him, I switch my left foot onto the brake and press lightly down on the gas with my right foot. My only site line is on the traffic light in front of me. So now I am engaged to beat this peckerwood th 150 feet to the merge. WHY you might ask?  He deserved it, truly.  So the light turns green and I see the front of his Land Rover lurch forward, as I let the left foot off the brake and let the Chevy torque kick his imported Land Rovers ass to the merge. I watched his face as I blew his door off, of course viewing him in my rear view mirror, he was caught by surprise.  His plan had failed, he wasn't clever enough.  OK, maybe I enjoyed it to much, but he deserved it. Ignorant asshat, buttheaded, peckerwoods should be occasionally put in their place, I think there should be a law or something.

Have you had any fun driving lately that you need to share? 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Stimulas Money Pays for Fast and Furious!

Picture the veins popping out of my neck!!

For an additional amount for ‘‘State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance’’, $40,000,000, for competitive grants to provide assistance and equipment to local law enforcement along the Southern border and in High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas to combat criminal narcotics activity stemming from the Southern border, of which $10,000,000 shall be transferred to ‘‘Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Salaries and Expenses’’ for the ATF Project Gunrunner.
Shovel Ready?  Shovels digging graves for 2 Border Patrol agents and 150 Mexican law enforcement agents so far! It is a sad, sad day.

I am old enough to remember Watergate and that was about an election, and no one died!  This kicks that buffoonery up many, many notches!

I am sorry if you are tired of hearing me say this, and I still might be a bit naive, but I have a hard time thinking this administration could have perpetrated such an idiotic plan. The amount of incredible stupidity reaches levels I can't even fantasize about!

All this to take guns from law abiding folks like me? 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Campus Carry Update from Virginia

The University of Virginia lacks the legal authority to apply its ban on guns on campus to those who have concealed carry permits, according to an opinion released by Ken Cuccinelli, attorney general of Virginia, The Virginian-Pilot reported. While Cuccinelli said in his opinion that he was trying to explain the law, and not to comment on its wisdom, some of his remarks suggested a view that colleges should not try to keep guns off campus. "It certainly can be argued that such policies are ineffectual because persons who wish to perpetrate violence will ignore them, and that the net effect of such policies is to leave defenseless the law-abiding citizens who follow these policies," he wrote. University officials said that they were studying the opinion.

The Virginian-Pilot link here
 "It certainly can be argued that such policies are ineffectual because persons who wish to perpetrate violence will ignore them, and that the net effect of such policies is to leave defenseless the law-abiding citizens who follow these policies," he wrote.
That is the argument most law abiding licensed or permitted gun carriers feel should be the "common sense" rule!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chicago Gets Spanked by the Court!

Sebastian has it best IMHO!

Melson comes clean!!! Gunwalker UPDATE!!

Blowing the LID straight off!!!

Melson provided detailed information and documents to the Office of the Deputy Attorney General at the Justice Department.
And this,

The details of Operation Fast & Furious just keep getting worse from the standpoint of prosecutorial ineptitude and incompetence.  But with Melson’s testimony, it is also appears that the Justice Department and specifically Deputy Attorney General James Cole have been obstructing Congress and engaging in a cover-up to prevent Congress and the public from finding out just how much the leadership of the Justice Department was involved in this expanding scandal.
Emphasis mine!

(UPDATED 7/7/2011)
The New York Post is Editorializing

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mexican Jail for ATF idiots?

Tried in Mexico? Cue the evil laugh!!!
 To Mexico, the U.S. government has blood on its hands.

Hey Mexico???   There are plenty of Americans who agree with you!!  I can think of 4.5 million NRA members that agree, and probably double that see through this idiocy!

Veterans Affairs Bans Mention of God at Funerals for Vets


Political Correctness gone wrong!

The response?

VA Forbids Mention of God at Funerals for Veterans and Requires Families to Submit Prayer for Approval to the Government:

For 30 years, the VFW District 4 burial team, at the request of the family of the deceased, has honored veterans by performing the VFW burial ritual during private burial services at the Houston National Cemetery. For 20 years, The American Legion Post 586 has honored our veterans by performing its burial ritual for fallen veterans. On at least four separate occasions, government officials told the burial teams that prayer and religious speech could no longer be included in the burial ritual unless the family submits a specific prayer or message in writing to Director Ocasio for her approval. Government official Jose Henriquez also told the VFW Honor Guard Commander, Junior Vice Commander and Chaplain that the word "God" is forbidden.

VA instructs the VFW and a Private Funeral Home that they may not present the option of prayer to families:

American Heritage Funeral Home, which sits next to the Houston National Cemetery and specializes in veterans' funerals, was instructed by government officials that the funeral home may not inform the families that they have the option of requesting prayer in the VFW burial ritual.

VA Tells Volunteers to Remove "God Bless" from Condolence Cards to Grieving Families:

About a year ago, Director Ocasio instructed the president of the National Memorial Ladies that the words “God” and “Jesus” are forbidden and that "God Bless" could no longer be written in condolence cards to families. Volunteers also were banned from speaking a religious message when talking directly to veterans' families on cemetery grounds.

VA Closes Cemetery Chapel; Uses it for Storage:

The chapel where families used to gather, pray and reflect has been closed and is now called a "meeting facility" and used for storage. The chapel cross and Bible have been removed and the bells that once used to chime are no longer used.

"On March 15, Director Ocasio told me that I couldn’t say 'May God grant you grace, mercy and peace' to grieving families, said Nobleton Jones, Honor Guard Junior Vice Commander. "Today we ask the government to make it right."

"All we wanted was to give honor to fallen soldiers," said Inge Conley, incoming VFW District 4 Commander.

Today's hearing took place before Federal District Judge Lynn N. Hughes who had granted the original temporary restraining order preventing the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs from censoring Pastor Rainey's prayer in May. Judge Hughes gave the government until July 15 to respond to the new allegations and set a status hearing for July 21.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy July 4th Everyone!! Independence Day

Yesterday had e down and out most of the day, I woke up with a skull buster that had me yacking into the porcelain Prince bowl for 30 minutes. So I stayed pretty low key for the day!  I am heading out to ride in a few small town parades this morning. The bike is clean and ready. She is properly adorned with her United States Flags and the necessary U.S. Coast Guard flag. I will have on my most bright and patriotic Camp shirt and I hope to get some pictures to post on here later!

I hope you all have a FANTFRICkINTASTIC Day!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy 235th Birthday to my country!

The Way It Should Be!

New Florida Law that should be in every State!

Any appointed or elected government official or department head who enacts or enforces a law that conflicts with the state law will personally face fines up to $100,000 and lawsuits.
I can only hope that more States pass this type of law. I live in Pennsylvania and there are so many Napoleonic Township/Borough elected officials making laws up as they go it kills me. It is only because these people have protection from their decisions. I know of a township that has various laws on the books that are in direct conflict with Penna. State law. 

Pennsylvania has no law, as yet, on cell phone use in a vehicle. But Lower Chichester, Pa.? They have an ordinance against it.  They even have signs posted as you enter their tiny town. Same town has a law that says that anyone storing "gun powder" legally has to list it with the township. (I kid you not)
Both of these ordinances are against the State laws, but these little Napoleons feel they can do what they want and currently have no responsibility.
Lets examine what would happen if you were to receive a summons for either of these "violations" in the town. Local township Law Enforcement gives you a ticket. You pay it, or you fight it. Fight it by taking a day off from work and sitting in the local District Justice court room. The DJ is a local guy who is used to seeing this scenario, and he upholds the local law. You must now pay, or appeal. (You know how to appeal right?) So you are smart and appeal and it goes to County court, you lose another day of vacation or sick time and you win on it being an illegal law.  (Doesn't seem fair does it?) But who said the law is fair?

Now most people would say that if a local town makes a law that is illegal the State, or the people, should have financial recourse if corrected. Now read the Florida law again. HB 45.  If a local town makes up there own law that is in conflict with State law the Local officials can be fined and held liable.  Who doesn't love this?

Reasons why I care?  There are 67 Counties in Pennsylvania alone, imagine how many township and boroughs there are.  Now imagine if each one had their own laws on everything. Get it?  Because of towns like Myrtle Beach and their helmet law, because of local town like the one in the story in Florida and their gun law, like Lower Chichester's nuisance laws any of which would be very difficult to discover in advance of driving through the town. That is why I protest and am asking the Pennsylvania State delegation to write a bill similar to Florida HB-45.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Wyoming: Permitless carry comes into effect Friday

Starting Friday, Wyoming will join three other states (Alaska, Arizona and Vermont) in allowing individuals to carry a concealed weapon without a permit. Anyone who meets the same requirements to obtain a Wyoming concealed weapons permit can legally carry a firearm in any place that is not specifically prohibited.

ATF gunrunning weapons turning up in Phoenix crime investigations

And the hits just keep on coming........

It could have been worse. Another case involved a traffic stop, where an ATF-linked AK-47 was seized. The officer who made the arrest should count himself lucky that the weapon was still in the trunk and not in the suspect’s hands.
Are they that idealistic that none of them could see this going bad?? Did they think that they so owned the news media organizations that they could spin this as "bad gun dealers" and "lax gun laws"? Really?

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Truly despicable 

PEOPLE were killed, Mr. ATF man.  People who had not done anything to deserve this.

From Glen Reynolds at Instapundit. "I continue to suspect that a secret program allowing thousands of guns to go from U.S. gun stores to Mexican crime sites was more than coincidentally related to a gun-control campaign from the same administration that was predicated on . . . statements about the flow of guns from U.S. gun stores to Mexican crime sites."

Glen doesn't know me but he speaks my thoughts.  I am now on the side of the conspiracy that had all the Presidents men and woman sing this "90% of the guns" meme, and the "illegal gun dealers" meme. The ATF and Justice department knew what they were doing, how far up does it go?  Could Obama Shumer, Bloomberg be this anti gun as to lie and directly deceive the American people?  Deceive them even when the plan has directly killed people?

It makes me question every illegal gun now in the hands of our own urban areas.