Friday, July 15, 2011

Easy Week

I have been able to ride the bike to work each day this week.  Early part of the week was Hot and Humid. Latter part of the week has been gorgeous! On days like these that are gorgeous I tend to ride at lunch and clear my head. In my 40 minutes yesterday, I got gas and 30 miles in. So in a week I pretty much came and went from work and did not much at home when I got there, I got in a little under 250 miles of riding in. Not a bad way to commute for those of you who do not ride.
I can wear jeans to work, I keep my boots at a high Military spit shine and parking the bike at work is a breeze. I can get a tiny spot right outside my door. So I add a nice dress shirt and I am ready for the day.
I would be remiss if I didn't share with you my troubles from yesterday though.

Due to a bunch of circumstances, my keys for the motorcycle got left in my truck. So I went to work with no key. My Harley can be left unlocked and still have the key off. ANYWAY.....  I got halfway to work and I was running low on gas so I pull into a gas station and DAMN, I forgot my key, so I couldn't open my locking gas cap. It is a soda machine key, and I had been told that any Harley key would open it. In my office there happens to be 3 people who also own a Harley so I visit each of them and ask if they have their key with them. Not a one. So I am sitting in the office wondering how in hell I am going to make it home, should I try, what is my wife or son doing if I run out??  Then a light bulb moment hits. I wonder down to our facilities guy and ask him if I can borrow any soda machine keys he might have. (We have vending machines in the building) He hands me, after I explain to him my plight for the 4th time, and out to my bike I go. Guess what??  ANY soda machine key works on a Harley gas cap, well at least all 5 of the ones I had. How about that. So after having a bike for 7 years and being told that only Harley keys open it, and completely buying that, cause it seemed to make sense, I find it NOT TRUE.  So the facilities guy gives me two keys that he has no idea what they are for and says keep em. So now I have some spares on the bike. Crisis averted.  Oh, and when I went to get gas it took only 4.6 gallons so I had 4 tenths of a gallon left, which theoretically could have gotten me home if I caught a couple green lights.


  1. AnonymousJuly 15, 2011

    Glad my Gold Wing's ignition key also fits the gas tank.

  2. If it is a soda machine round style key, it will work! But who would lock an antique Gold Wings with 4 carburetors?

  3. LOL- Some times all you can do is shake your head in wonder. :-)

  4. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!!