Sunday, July 10, 2011

Like Minded Friend! While I Was Sleeping!

While I was sleeping Old NFO was investigating and found this!!!!

My blinders are off, people!!   I have never in my life believed the US Government could sink to the lowest depths to undermine the 2nd amendment.  I was naive, I openly admit it. I now see that conspiracies of this magnitude do exist in the bowls of our government.
Don't we have enough problems with REAL issues? We have time to conspire, using 3 major agencies, ATF, FBI and the "Justice" department, to loosen the thought process of the citizens of the States by falsely making it look like illegal guns, sold by illegal US dealers, were to blame for all deaths, foreign and domestic. (Sorry for the run on sentence)

Folks be very worried about your government!  They have shown to not be trusted!

Thanks to Old NFO for the link!


  1. Thanks for the link, and yeah, it's really that bad out there. I don't know that we've found bottom YET on this particular cesspool. And if it was written into the Stimulus Bill, WHO was briefed, and WHO wrote the addenda for it???

  2. I guess I never understood it when people use to say it's just Chicago politics. I just sent a letter to both my Senators and my Congressman asking them to keep their eyes on this nightmare as it continues to unfold!