Monday, August 1, 2011

Bad Back on my Poor Wife.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were tough on my wife. She did something strange to her back and was in immense pain including being brought to tears.  It racked my worry brain. My wife is tough as hell, so when she says she is hurting, I can usually see it. So ff to the doctors and xrays on Friday.  Good news, bad news? Good news, it is not Kidney Stones, but bad news it is ??????  So prescription for anti inflammatory pills and another for muscle relaxers and ZONK, she sleeps......  And sleeps, and sleeps... Good news, she is getting better, bad news, he stomach is getting killed by the anti inflammatory pills .  She suffered the entire day with a queasy belly. She is a tough girl/woman/wife.
She was up to me leaving her alone yesterday and I rode some miles with my oldest son. He and I went down to Maryland and had lunch at the Union Hotel! Then we rode up to the Dock bar in Essington to watch some of his band mates play an acoustic gig.  Great day!  I have great sons!


  1. Hope she gets better soon! Try to get her to eat something with the pills...

  2. She is feeling much better, but she is not dancing yet! Thanks, I passed on your good wishes!