Saturday, August 27, 2011

DOJ and Guitarwalker....

New Scandal at DoJ as Illegal Guitars End Up In Hands of Mexican Drug Lords.

 As the owner of a Gibson guitar or two, I really have to worry that the US Government has the time to raid a business that builds what the people want! I want to think that our government truly goes after bad guys. But I am lately amazed at their complete stupidity!!!!

Just so you know, the CEO of Gibson Guitar Company is a HUGE Republican donator.  

  The true story here

 It isn't just Gibson that is sweating. Musicians who play vintage guitars and other instruments made of environmentally protected materials are worried the authorities may be coming for them next.

If you are the lucky owner of a 1920s Martin guitar, it may well be made, in part, of Brazilian rosewood. Cross an international border with an instrument made of that now-restricted wood, and you better have correct and complete documentation proving the age of the instrument. Otherwise, you could lose it to a zealous customs agent—not to mention face fines and prosecution.

UhOh, I own a Martin also!!  Need to hide my safe combination!




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  1. They couldn't pass the legislation, so the 'made' the regulation, and now they are over enforcing to scare people into 'complying'... sigh