Monday, August 15, 2011

Gun Rights Win in Florida: State Law Will Soon End Local Firearms Restrictions

Read Buck Sexton article here!!

This is how it should be.  If the State claims or grants preemption over a law then the lower government bodies must follow it OR face monetary forfeiture policies.  We have some town in PA that have illegally placed laws on the book in a complete slap to the State government.  Cell Phone ordinances, Gun Powder Ordinances?  Look these up on just Lower Chichester, PA.  The reason why the commissioners of Lower Chichester get away with these illegal laws is because there is no penalty for making up their own. So a resident, or citizen would have to legally defend him/herself from these critters of ignorance while THEY(the local government) hide behind the "can't be sued" position.

Now in Florida an individual can be sued!  As fast as that law was passed, townships were dropping their illegal ordinances. WHY?  Because as one elected official stated, he could get fined or lose his job. 

This is a great law, and needs to get started here in Pennsylvania!!!  It would do away with all this worthless Lost and Stolen crap that the anti gunners have been marching out! 
Power to the people, make the elected officials fiscally responsible for their decision if they go directly against the Constitution or State law!


  1. But...but that would mean a RESPONSIBLE State Government...

  2. I am forever the optimist!!