Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane News

So what else is there in the world?  Somehow I got my truck, my wife's crossover vehicle, my tractor, my Harley, the snow blower, the fertilizer spreader, 6 sleds, 18 lawn chairs, and the trash cans and recycle bins all into the garage. I even amaze myself sometime.  (Pausing for the applause....Thank you, thank you!!!)

I am sad I did not get to cut the grass, having to climb up ladders and clear out gutters takes time and effort. It seems to me that 30 foot up seems higher to me now at 54 than it did when I was 25. I am buying the Gutter Helmet system next spring, write that down.

The storm has already been downgraded. Winds will not hit much over 50 MPH, so that is much better than 75. I have a 125 foot high tree about 40 feet out my back yard, and every wind storm that comes scares me to death. I made the mistake of telling my wife, and now she is scared more than me.

I tested the ham gear, I am ready to go! We have water, food, generator, batteries charged(big suckers too) and now we wait!!

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  1. Glad to hear you got 'most' of the stuff done... I just left town :-)