Monday, August 1, 2011

In a Philly Paper... I am Shocked!!

 The whole story as told by the local Philly LIBERAL rag.

So, essentially, the U.S. government was now arming the very drug cartels that it was supposed to be helping Mexican officials fight.

Holder needs to be more forthcoming on the decisions that led to the death of Terry and others. He needs to detail how he plans to recover the other 1,400 weapons that "walked" before they end up at a crime scene. Finally, he needs to explain how the administration went from wanting to ban assault weapons to supplying them to drug lords.

Emphasis is mine!!


  1. I think they are trying to 'close this out' while everybody is distracted by the debt problems and yelling and screaming. Since they havent' thrown any body under the bus yet, there is more to come.

  2. We won't hear anything else until September when the House is back? How about that?? I wish they would nail this down, just seems longer for Justice to hide stuff...