Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Let's Talk EZ Pass

Can we have a gentle moment talking about EZ Pass?  EZ Pass for those not from the eastern states is the electronic device that lets you flow through toll roads and make better time by not having to stop and use cash. I was a very early adopter.  I love zooming through, or not having to dig into my pockets as I am driving. I have been on my motorcycle many times and had to put my feet down in the toll lane which is slick as ice in February!!  So I have an individual device for the bike and one for the truck. The reason I wanted to write this story is to openly discuss their business model.
My EZ Pass is linked to a credit card. When the device gets to below 10 dollars, the system auto charges me 35 more dollars. I find the convenience beneficial and I tend to look at it as a good value.  Here comes the BUT.....
BUT, now that I have 2 devices the powers that be at EZ Pass PA have decided that I should be charged 70 dollars each time I go below 10 dollars, get it.  35 for the truck, and 35 for the bike. So if I add the car to the program, I have confirmed that they will increase the renewal to 105 dollars for hitting the 10 dollar threshold, you all with me?  So my view of this is simple.  I am one person who has access to 3 vehicles. Their view is different. 35 bucks per vehicle. I don't see why I shouldn't be able to keep the renewal at 35 dollars for all 3 of my vehicles, I can't drive them all at the same time, and if I could, why should it matter, when it hits 10, bang me for 35, right? 

So for now, I have EZ Pass in the truck and on the bike, and I love it, truly.  But adding my wife or any other vehicle is restrictive. I don't mind EZ Pass sitting on my 35-45 dollars, because I see a time value to that money! But I have other things I could do with an extra 115 dollars, see what I mean?

But I am all for modern convenience and the loss of patronage jobs that are the toll takers of this world. 

Oh, what I failed to mention is that on some of these toll roads I pay less for the tolls on my bike.  I like that motivation. I think it should be more than the general 10%, but it's something. If they made it more they would spur more people to use motorcycles that tend to get better gas mileage and do not chew up the roads since they tend to be under 1000 pounds including the rider.


  1. Typical government inflexibility... THAT is what that is...

  2. Last week my daughter took my E-Z pass out of car without my knowledge to pick up friend at airport. Got lost, through the tunnel 4 times...50 bucks a whack for transferring to car not on account. Pretty much off your topic, but I am pissed and wanted to vent. lol

  3. Feel free to vent anytime!!! WHY should it matter what car it is on?? Right? As long as it is same family they should honor it. IF it isn't supposed to be moved why do they place VELCRO on it for removal??

    Rant on good looking, I will sing in your choir anytime!!!

  4. Open a new Ezpass account with the Mass Pike. You can get up to 4 transponders on a personal account and the minimum replenishment amount is only $20 per account. Also Mass. doesn't charge any fees at all. When you go to their site and click "sign up" it will go to a redirect that asks you to "select your state" at this point choose Massachusetts so that you don't get kicked back to the PA Turnpike. On the following page you will be able to enter the correct state for your address and license plates.

  5. I have Ez Pass Holder in my car and i really love it! Keep in mind while purchasing a new Ez pass, these should be good enough to last as long as possible, second these should match to your car's design and colour as it would help to increase your personality.

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