Saturday, August 6, 2011

On the Way To Cape May!!! Court House.....

Relax bitches!!   Cape May Court House** is a town, but I am going to the town to visit family. No jail for me today. My cousin is having a surprise 60th birthday party and I am heading down there.  I am picking up my sister and off we will go.  My sister doesn't get out much, she thought Cape May was 4 hours away!!  Should be tad under 2 hours with Rt. 55 now being 65 MPH. I don't go there often, longest I was there was in Boot Camp for the U.S. Coast Guard.

So off into ANTI Gun, PRO motorcycle helmet NANNY state of NJ.  I will only pay tolls today, and will not spend any money there. I truly despise the Garden State.  But Cape May is a historic home gem, I am forced to admit.

**Cape May Court House is a census-designated place and unincorporated area located within Middle Township, in Cape May County, New Jersey. It is part of the Ocean City Metropolitan Statistical Area. As of the United States 2000 Census, the CDP population was 4,704. It is the county seat of Cape May County and serves as the principal administrative hub for the township.
Cape Regional Medical Center is located at 2 Stone Harbor Boulevard in Cape May Court House, and is the only hospital in Cape May County. The Cape May County Park and Zoo is also located in Cape May Court House.

On The Way To Cape May Lyrics

You Looked So Very Pretty, When We Met In Ocean City,
like Someone, Oh, So Easy To Adore.
i Sang This Little Ditty, On Our Way To Ocean City,
heading South Along New Jersey's Shore.

on The Way To Cape May,
i Fell In Love With You.
on The Way To Cape May,
i Saw My Dreams Come True.

i Was Taken By Your Smile,
as We Drifted By Sea Isle.
my Heart Was Really Gone
when We Reached Avalon.

on The Way To Cape May,
stone Harbor's Skies Were Blue.
we Were Naming The Day When Wildwood Came In View.

if You're Gonna Be My Spouse,
we'd Better Head For That Court House
on The Way To Cape May,
on The Way To Cape May.
  And because I am a musician and you might have this song stuck in your head I tabbed it for ya....ON THE WAY TO CAPE MAY

      D                             D       
 You looked so very pretty, when we met in Ocean City,
       D            D#°7      Em7  A7
 Like someone oh so easy to adore.
    Em7                            A7
 I sang this little ditty, on our way through Ocean City,
  Em7            E7               A7
 Heading south along the Jersey shore.
 N.C.                D    D#°7             Em7       A7
 On the way to Cape May,        I fell in love with you.
                     Em7  A7             D              Am7   
 On the way to Cape May,      I saw my dreams come true.
        D7       G          Gm7                   F#m7     B7(b9)     
 I was taken by your smile       as we drifted by Sea Isle.
               E7                      A7sus4   
 My heart was gone when we reached Avalon!
 N.C.                D   D#°7                 Em7           A7
 On the way to Cape May,       Stone Harbor skies were blue.
                    Em7  A7                 D       Am7   
 We were naming the day,     when Wildwood came in view.
            D7       G          Gm7                           F#m7        B7(b9)     
 If you're gonna be my spouse,       we better head for that court house,
                     E7   A7sus4                      D         
 On the way to Cape May,          On the way to Cape May.


  1. Travel Safe Sir!!! And enjoy the party!

  2. Thank you my friend, my sister is a laugh riot!! And the rest of my dad's bothers family were rocked on jello shots and tequila. Nice easy 90 minute ride home.