Sunday, August 21, 2011


I woke this morning and it started as I was making the coffee. The talking heads on the TV news were all talking about the President of the US taking a vacation. Some were saying that it was incredibly arrogant for him to do so, and the other one was stipulating the similar style of Jimmy Carter.

Me??   I say lay off the vacation thing. He isn't unemployed, he is a man with 2 children and he needs a break occasionally, too.  I get so frustrated when people make it seem like he has to be in Washington DC to get any info.  I work from home occasionally now. I have a Iphone, Internet, VPN access and other connections to the ENTIRE world, why wouldn't the POTUS? I also do not care if he is golfing on weekends, many people do that. Do we elect a POTUS with the understanding that he, or she, have to work 7 days weeks and 24 hours a day?  Really?  Really, really??

You might ask, why am I defending President Obama and his vacation? Because he needs some people who do not agree with his ideological positions to defend his right to be a husband and father. His children still need their dad, his wife still wants to be with her husband. Who cares where he goes, he obviously can not rent a small house in Myrtle Beach, or Wildwood for security reasons.

Stick to the issues everyone, God knows he has plenty of those!  Let the man/husband/father alone and have what is to most of us, a little down time with his family, it is the human/morale thing to do.


  1. Good point Danny, there is enough OTHER crap to fuss about... And he IS NOT out of touch...

  2. I can easily come up with 10 reasons why he should/will lose the next election, none of them have anything to do with his vacation, or his golf schedule at all!!

  3. Yep... but the media is playing the misdirection 'game' as usual...