Monday, August 8, 2011

Quick 2 Day Weekend!

Let it be known I do not lie when I say I am always on the run doing something! My weekend was another perfect example of the diversity of my life. I already posted about driving to Cape May Court House on Saturday for a cousins 60th birthday party. So let me finish that off by saying I got home close to midnight and spent the day out in the heat and humidity all day! Nice time, but tiring.

So now we move into Sunday. My number 1 sons has a beautiful girlfriend named Andrea. Her dads birthday was yesterday and we all met to celebrate at a dock bar on the Delaware River in Essington, PA. More heat and humidity reigned supreme. The big addition to the story was that 2 of my #1 sons band mates from Modern Bliss were playing an acoustic guitar show there. 

My wife, sons #3 and 4 joined in to the fun. The bonus was that they had all you can eat crabs there. Did I mention it was HOT and HUMID??  97 degrees and humidity running into 110%, and it got worse after a brief rain shower.  But the music was good the song choices were better. My son, his girlfriends dad all took a shot on the stage to play some guitar and sing a little. (I'm thinking this guy is loving my super musically talented son, with piano, guitar and drums all in his wheel house.)
The boys kept asking me to join them on stage!  I refused!  No pay, no play!!  LOL
Pictures below of the boys.   Stage left to tight)Devin, Mike and Shawn.

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