Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This is my Motorcycle Safety Plan

 Safety is KEY!!! And I agree


Both of the motorcycle experts we spoke with agree that excessive speed and inexperience are the top two most common factors that contribute to crashes.
And adding me makes 3 safety experts!!!

In Pennsylvania motorcycle safety classes are FREE.....   That's right FREE!!
If you are a licensed motorcycle rider (With the endorsement on your drivers license) you pay an additional 5 dollars every 4 years when you renew your drivers license. That 5 dollars goes into a pool of money for Motorcycle Safety use.  I highly recommend these classes. As an example of how much I recommend these classes I take the Experienced Riders Course every year. So I have had over 10 of them!

Go to here and sign yourself up for a class.

Even if you have never ridden a day in your life you can get training, on their bikes, and get safe and licensed!


  1. I'd been riding for 10 years when I finally took that course, learned a TON and probably saved my life! I'd just been lucky up to that point.

  2. Which is exactly why I try to take it every year!
    Saving lives one class at a time!

  3. Yes Sir, that works!!! Especially when it's your OWN!!!