Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sea Hunt and Kids..

When I was young there was a TV show on, in Black and White called Sea Hunt.  In it was constant shots of Lloyd Bridges SCUBA diving off a boat.  What I did not know was that he was a US Coast Guard Veteran.  I also didn't know that both his sons, Beau and Jeff also were in the Coast Guard.
No one in this story below asks if they joined to avoid Vietnam?  Just saying.....

US Coast Guard Bridges Family Story

Campus Carry Update Oregon Style!

The Oregon Court of Appeals on Wednesday overturned a 20-year-old state regulation barring the possession of firearms on public colleges' campuses, ruling that Oregon's Board of Higher Education was not authorized by the state legislature to enact such a rule. The court's ruling, which came in a case brought by a citizens' group, said that the board's policy was preempted by a 1995 state law that restricts cities from creating their own gun laws. The court did not address the question of whether the higher education board's policy violated the Second Amendment. The chancellor of the Oregon University System, George Pernsteiner, said in a news release that system officials were disappointed by the decision and would consider their legal options.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Proof of Main Stream Media Bias!

Scandal of the Century

I don’t wish to understate it: elements of the U.S. Departments of Justice, State, Homeland Security, and Treasury are responsible for supplying an arsenal to narco-terrorists waging a civil war against an American ally. Our federal government may bear responsibility for at least 200 murders committed with “walked” firearms, in what Mexican Attorney General Marisela Morales describes as a “betrayal” of her country by the Obama administration.

Where is MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CNN and the Washington Post/NY Times?

Crickets, crickets....

Monday, September 26, 2011

Outside Blogger Land!

Fox news is getting great intel on Fast and Furious now! I thought it might be CBS that would keep it going, but it died a slow death with no talking heads on CNN, MSNBC, ABC and NBD ignoring it completely!

Fox News coverage! Don't miss this!

Not only did U.S. officials approve, allow and assist in the sale of more than 2,000 guns to the Sinaloa cartel -- the federal government used taxpayer money to buy semi-automatic weapons, sold them to criminals and then watched as the guns disappeared.

Nice opening line, huh? Not only did the US Government break their own laws, they broke knowingly broke the laws of Mexico. heightens the culpability of the federal government as Mexico, according to sources, has opened two criminal investigations into the operation that flooded their country with illegal weapons.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

NRA-ILA and Donations

I was reading through my October 2011 version of the NRAs American Rifleman magazine today. I had a lot of free time today and I read it cover to cover. Besides finding a *Special Event Ham Radio opportunity on page 105 that caught my eye, I also noticed something very interesting I hadn't previously noticed. There right in front of me was a listing of people that gave 1000 dollars, or more, to the NRA-ILA for the month of July. I will not list them here individually, but suffice to say there was 12 names listed. These names appear below a list of 8 people/orgs who gave money "In Memory" type contributions.
In one month, with it's 31 days, the NRA -ILA received, from JUST THESE PEOPLE, over $12,000 dollars. Actually it would be over $12,100 dollars, because I gave 100 that month! So 12 individuals give over 1000 in a month, others totaling 8, bequeath their money in a memorial gift.  So if this happens every month, the NRA-ILA receives $145,200 dollars in people giving just over 1000.
WOW!!!  The anti gunners couldn't raise that money EVER!!   They rely on grants from the Joyce Foundation to exist at all. WE have people randomly giving gifts of over 1000 dollars, 12 listed in July alone, just the NRA-ILA.  We are not only winning, we will completely WIN!!

Now to the Ham Radio NRA update.  Special Event Ham events happen all the time, I participate in one every year with the Coast Guard one.  But this one I read is all about HAMS, who happen to also be NRA members, can communicate with the station in Arizona who will be using the call sign N7NRA. So I will contact them, then mail them a QSL card, which confirms my side of the communication to them;time/date/signal report and in this case my NRA membership number. When they receive it they will return a specially printed Special Event certificate and commemorative QSL card in return. Something to collect and keep/display...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Why We Continue to Win!

Sebastian, over at Snowflakes in Hell, brings up some incredible truth about our anti gun writer groups.
The anti's must pay to get people to write their talking points in a blog or a story byline. We, the gun friendly bloggers, do it because we love it.I don't take money of any kind on my blog, and I most likely never will. I speak my mind freely and never feel obliged to speak nicely or negatively at/or about anyone. My blog will never get the 5000 hits a day or more that others get, but I have some readers. If I influence or educate one additional person, I have done well.
The anti gunners argue about the money the NRA has all the time. In reading Sebastian's blog I recall that in a bad economic year, I gave 750+ to the Friends of NRA at 3 dinners this year alone. 250 dollars went to the NRA-ILA, and mostly that was 25 to 40 bucks at a time, when I could. I also have given to the NRA Defense Fund during the Brian Aiken tragedy in NJ. So I am slightly over 1000 dollars spread out over the year. Since before I worked at the gun shop I have always believed in 2nd amendment rights. 40 years after getting my own 22 rifle I still believe, but now I believe enough to supply some cash!
Become a NRA Member here for only 25 dollars a year. Start putting your money where your mouth/typewriter is!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to Schedule YOUR Day Off...

Just ask me when I am taking mine, and stay away from those dates. Once again, I took some days off from the office. I needed to chew up some days I had before October 1. So I schedule Thursday and Friday this week. Guess which days we are going to have HEAVY rain?  Yup, you guessed Thursday and Friday, didn't you?  BINGO!! 
Last year I took a week off in August to just stay home and relax at the pool.  Temps all week were in the 50's and 60's and it rained 5 of the 7 days.
Never take off when I do!  You have been warned!

Update to Gunwalker

Keeping you uddated on Gunwalker case

Issa put it rather bluntly: “The administration wanted to show that guns found in Mexico came from the United States.”
it is beginning to appear that the evidence and testimony being compiled so far indicate that the Obama administration was willing to break federal laws and get hundreds of people killed in Mexico and the United States in order to fabricate conditions that would help them implement their domestic gun control policies.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011


On Monday, August 29, 2011, Robert "Prospector" Boellner, State Legislative Coordinator for ABATE of New York, Inc., and NCOM Region VIII Director, met with a representative from the New York State Attorney General's office to discuss the ongoing motorcycle-only vehicle checkpoints.

Since May 2008, ABATE has publicly expressed its opposition to New York State's tactic of conducting highway roadblocks which divert only motorcyclists from the state's roadways for the purpose of conducting "safety checks".

Because motorcycles operated in New York State are already required to pass annual safety inspections, the ongoing New York State Police initiative serves only to harass, intimidate and inconvenience motorcyclists traveling upon the state's roadways. Further, motorcycle-only roadblocks conducted in the name of "safety checks" are a discriminatory and unconstitutional infringement upon an individual's right to travel without interference, and an abuse of discretionary power as acknowledged by the New York State Court of Appeals.

The Office of the Attorney General was reportedly receptive to Prospector's request of an investigation into the actions of the New York State Police, and a reporting mechanism has now been implemented for direct complaints of motorcyclist profiling.

If you, or anyone you know, has been a victim of motorcyclist profiling, Prospector encourages you to call him at (518) 239-4560 for assistance in filing a complaint.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Whipping It Out

NFO, via another blogger, OG, has started a show your daily knife thread, and I am happy to participate!
My daily knife is relatively new to me, well at least to the tune of 6 months, but I absolutely love it. It is the Tops/Buck CSAR-T for Combat Search and Rescue Tool. It is clipped to my right hand pants pocket every day. I am. and always have been a huge Buck knife fan. I carried a Buck 110 in the Coast Guard for all those years. I lost the Buck 110 while deep sea fishing, and it is now resting at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean.
I also carry a Stainless Gerber tool, that has a serviceable knife on it everyday. I placed them both in the top picture, because they are always with me. The CSAR in my right front pocket, the Gerber Multi Tool on my rear right hip. In between the 2 is a varied pistol in a holster of choice at the 3:30 position.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

An Observation

Friday night, 9/16/2011, my wife, my #4 son, his friend and I went to a Philadelphia Phillies* game. It was a beautiful night, and my son and his friend got to sit in the wonderful section 127 seats that were a birthday gift to him given by my nephew Michael. My wife and I bought standing room only tickets, that were the only available and we meandered to center field and grabbed a spot just above the bullpens. I will admit my outright ignorance right now, as I have never seen a game from this far away in this stadium. I am a spoiled baseball lover and would never sit/stand this far away for a game. Every game I have been to in this park has been to a suite, the Diamond club or sits equal to section 127.  But, enough about me and being a spoiled baseball snob. My wife and I huddled on the rail, when I asked her a question that I hope is not controversial, but something I just happened to notice.

Have you noticed there are hardly any black people at this baseball game??

Now it is my understanding that the city of Philadelphia is now population wise a majority of blacks. 45, 541 people all watching baseball and I counted 20 black people all night at the game. I walked from third base gate to center field, through Harry the K's, passed around all the fast food row, Ashburn Alley and all the way to under the Citizens Bank sign. All through the game hundred to thousands s of people walked below us.

Are the prices to high?  My wife and I got walk up Standing Room Only for 17 dollars, not bad, right?
I would love some opinions on what has happened?

BTW, the Phillies lost 4-2 and have been on a serious offensive slump for the last 12 games. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friend of NRA Bucks County Night!

I was happy to attend the Bucks County Friends of NRA dinner last night! I had the chance to join some of my coworkers and some fellow bloggers at this 1st annual event.  Bitter and Sebastian, from Snowflakes in Hell , were involved with Bitter chairing the event! She did a great job with organizing! The hall was beautiful, the food and service were exquisite and the company was funny!!
In my party of 4, we had 3 winners. Ken won the nights first drawing of a 308 bolt action rifle. Jack won a new Glock pistol of his choice and I won a 4 gun hard pistol and ammo case. I felt bad for Lori, as she won things, like I did , on the silent auction, but bidding isn't the same as having your name drawn from a bucket full of tickets!
I need to buy a house/cabin in the mountains so I can use all the stuff they auction to furnish and decorate it!
If you have never been to a Friends of NRA dinner, find one near you, and go, it is fun and exciting night!
The charity you support is always important, and the money is put to good use. 50% of the money raised stays in the Bucks County area. (The other gets pooled to help area of PA that don't do so well!)

Looks to me that they raised over 5000 dollars, a huge success for the first return of Bucks to a Friend of NRA event!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sunday, 9/11/2011

I kept it a normal day, but had some thoughts. I attempted to not watch all the memorials on TV. It was an incredibly emotional time for me. I was honestly afraid on 9/11/2001, and until that day I had never felt true fear, I hope I never feel it again. It wasn't about me, but I had a wife and 4 sons to think about. I love my wife, but, IMHO,she would not hold up well in a post apocalyptic world. (Although she continues to amaze me)
Because of those feelings, I chose to try and have a normal day. I was surprised that #3 sons Fall Ball baseball game was scheduled for this day, but it was relaxing. But while there I noticed the U.S. Flag was torn badly and flying over center field! I knew I had to e mail someone about that. So the torn flag brought to 9/11 memories. Then after #3s game we went to lunch at out neighborhood diner, and the lady at the counter couldn't have worn more red, white and blue if she tried! So more memories,
When I got home, I was happy to see the Eagles game and Phillies game both on. When the Eagles went to half time, I watched the Phillies, and got to miss the memorials. Stayed up and watched DALLAS LOSE to the Jets!!   I went to bed a little after midnight, and I said God bless America as I climbed the stairs.
My 9/11 day was different, but unlike 10 years ago, I did not shed a tear!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Gunwalker Update, on steroids.

I have to admit that I am extremely happy to see that all the bloggers have gotten on board and are closely following the Gunwalker Scandal that has been going on. Instead of me writing AGAIN my feelings of disgust, I will post for you there links to them and there thoughts. I was very happy to see Wyatt post info, as I have a lot of respect for him and his blog. So I will start there.

Support Your Local Gunfighter

Followed closely by
No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money

And as always
Say Uncle

Even Fox News is posting more regularly!

Now if only we could get NBC and ABC to pull their heads out of President Obama's ass long enough, they might want to check into this!
Remember, for those of you who are old enough, NO ONE DIED DURING WATERGATE.

Last, but surely not least is MY PERSONAL hero, Bob Owens, from Pajama Media, who has been writing about this from the beginning.

Bob Owens, Pajama Media

Please remember Brian Terry and his family as you read these!  Thank you!
Agent Terry was a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and had served with the United States Border Patrol for 3.5 years. He had previously served as a police officer with the Lincoln Park, Michigan, Police Department. He is survived by his parents, brother, two sisters, five nieces, and one nephew.

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Presidents Speech

I missed it.  Damn!!   I did watch the Phillie win, Sons of Anarchy and Burn Notice. Did I ever mention how much I love the DVR?
I can save the Republicans TONS of money. WHOever you run, I am voting for. President Obama is an ideologue. His way of thinking/leading will tear this nation down. Gibson guitar raid? Really?????
Fast and Furious??  General Motors?? TRILLIONS of dollars of debt?  

It is a fact, I HOPE that CHANGE will come. I will take any fiscal conservative that can dismantle this debacle that has been created!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

John Cullen, USCG RIP!!

John Cullen, Coast Guardsman Who Detected Spies, Dies at 90


Seaman Cullen was “armed” only with a flare gun for sending signals when he came across what he figured were surely German spies. Moments later, he fled from the men and ran back to his station to sound an alarm. He led fellow Coast Guardsmen to the spot where he had encountered the four. They were long gone, but the Coast Guard dug up explosives they had buried.

John Cullen, BM1 USCG
 Semper Paratus my brother!

Bob Owens Speaks Treason and High Crimes!

Fast and Furious is getting wilder by the moment! Please read Bob Owens story!

But if Gangwalker is what it appears to be, then we are staring down a president, attorney general, secretary of Homeland Security, and key members of the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security gone entirely rogue.
If Gangwalker and Gunwalker are two sides of the same insidious coin, we’re looking at the very definition of “high crimes and misdemeanors.”
We’re looking at impeachment for the most serious of charges, and possible criminal prosecutions for a widespread conspiracy to commit murder that walks right up to the line of the legal definition of treason:
"Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States."

A MSNBC Exclusive!!!!

Three reasons gun sales are booming!!


 And here’s one msnbc missed: Americans are taking advantage of liberalized concealed carry laws to buy smaller handguns (which have passed long guns in popularity) to protect themselves from violent crime. Who’d a thunk it?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Do You Wear Your Heart on Your Vehicle?

That back of my truck is coming together nicely. My new United States Coast Guard license plate has come in and I got a low number as expected. So my truck now outwardly professes my thoughts on a few things. I am a Harley owner, a NRA Life Member and a Coast Guard Veteran.

I was thinking, what does a cop think when approaching my truck? Does he think, "He has a gun?" Does he couch out by saying that he is a Veteran, or does he think, "Crazy Veteran with a Gun?" Does he get indigestion as he sees the the Harley stickers/Veteran references and NRA allegiances? 

So far I have never been pulled over in the truck. I have been on a good run with not getting pulled over, last time was in winter in the old Bronco 2.  Might have been late 80;'s early 90's. I got a ticket for "Driving to Fast For Conditions!" I went to court and beat it! I told the judge, if I was in 4 wheel drive and going to fast, what was the trooper doing to catch me in 2 wheel?  The judge laughed and dismissed it.
Cop was 24, I was late 30s.

Cover Up! Ass Covering of the 10th Kind!

Evidence suggests an ugly cover up.
Just hours after the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, federal officials tried to cover up evidence that the gun that killed Terry was one the government intentionally helped sell to the Mexican cartels in a weapons trafficking program known as Operation Fast and Furious.

Emphasis mine!

Now I want some people put in jail, I want them prosecuted and put away. I want a complete turnover of idealism at Justice and ATF!  This is a disgrace of ultimate magnitude!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

*Crisp Ride Into Work

My boys are done camp, which is allowing me the opportunity to do some riding into work again! School for #3 and #4 child starts next week, so my luck should continue and I should at least get some commute miles in. This is the time of year I like to ride in the most, *crisp morning air, followed by warming afternoons, in the low 80s. Today I wore a long sleeve Harley Dress shirt over a Harley T shirt, it was perfect.  The ride was good the sun was bright and I got behind my first bus this morning. Some schools opened this week, just north of me.
I was talking to a fellow rider friend/employee as I got into work. I was looking for a word to make the best description of the air temperature, and he mentioned the word "*crisp". The funny part of that was as I was making the final miles to the office I was thinking of what words best suite this kind of weather, I went through cool, cold, chilly, but they weren't doing it.  Then my fellow employee who rides a 1981 Honda Gold Wing with 4 carburetors, his name is Ken, shot out the word *crisp!  He hit it out of the park for me!
So for the next couple months I will be layering up a little bit at a time. Long sleeves will become, jacket. October will bring chaps and gauntlet lined gloves. November might have me putting in the jacket liner and maybe even putting on a helmet.  Nahhh, that can wait until December.....

*A special H/T to Ken for the word Crisp!