Thursday, September 1, 2011

*Crisp Ride Into Work

My boys are done camp, which is allowing me the opportunity to do some riding into work again! School for #3 and #4 child starts next week, so my luck should continue and I should at least get some commute miles in. This is the time of year I like to ride in the most, *crisp morning air, followed by warming afternoons, in the low 80s. Today I wore a long sleeve Harley Dress shirt over a Harley T shirt, it was perfect.  The ride was good the sun was bright and I got behind my first bus this morning. Some schools opened this week, just north of me.
I was talking to a fellow rider friend/employee as I got into work. I was looking for a word to make the best description of the air temperature, and he mentioned the word "*crisp". The funny part of that was as I was making the final miles to the office I was thinking of what words best suite this kind of weather, I went through cool, cold, chilly, but they weren't doing it.  Then my fellow employee who rides a 1981 Honda Gold Wing with 4 carburetors, his name is Ken, shot out the word *crisp!  He hit it out of the park for me!
So for the next couple months I will be layering up a little bit at a time. Long sleeves will become, jacket. October will bring chaps and gauntlet lined gloves. November might have me putting in the jacket liner and maybe even putting on a helmet.  Nahhh, that can wait until December.....

*A special H/T to Ken for the word Crisp! 

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