Friday, September 2, 2011

Do You Wear Your Heart on Your Vehicle?

That back of my truck is coming together nicely. My new United States Coast Guard license plate has come in and I got a low number as expected. So my truck now outwardly professes my thoughts on a few things. I am a Harley owner, a NRA Life Member and a Coast Guard Veteran.

I was thinking, what does a cop think when approaching my truck? Does he think, "He has a gun?" Does he couch out by saying that he is a Veteran, or does he think, "Crazy Veteran with a Gun?" Does he get indigestion as he sees the the Harley stickers/Veteran references and NRA allegiances? 

So far I have never been pulled over in the truck. I have been on a good run with not getting pulled over, last time was in winter in the old Bronco 2.  Might have been late 80;'s early 90's. I got a ticket for "Driving to Fast For Conditions!" I went to court and beat it! I told the judge, if I was in 4 wheel drive and going to fast, what was the trooper doing to catch me in 2 wheel?  The judge laughed and dismissed it.
Cop was 24, I was late 30s.


  1. Meh- yep you're a bad guy (at least according to Big Sis)... :-)

  2. She never had a "bad boy!" She needs one!!

  3. LOL- She's at LEAST a 2 bagger...

  4. Paper or Plastic?? LOL!! (Completely kidding Homeland Security monitoring station...)