Tuesday, September 6, 2011

John Cullen, USCG RIP!!

John Cullen, Coast Guardsman Who Detected Spies, Dies at 90


Seaman Cullen was “armed” only with a flare gun for sending signals when he came across what he figured were surely German spies. Moments later, he fled from the men and ran back to his station to sound an alarm. He led fellow Coast Guardsmen to the spot where he had encountered the four. They were long gone, but the Coast Guard dug up explosives they had buried.

John Cullen, BM1 USCG
 Semper Paratus my brother!


  1. He did the right thing, and did stop them from actually accomplishing their mission! RIP Sir

  2. How about him only carrying a flare gun?!?! Wow!! I carry more than that to the bathroom!!