Tuesday, September 20, 2011


On Monday, August 29, 2011, Robert "Prospector" Boellner, State Legislative Coordinator for ABATE of New York, Inc., and NCOM Region VIII Director, met with a representative from the New York State Attorney General's office to discuss the ongoing motorcycle-only vehicle checkpoints.

Since May 2008, ABATE has publicly expressed its opposition to New York State's tactic of conducting highway roadblocks which divert only motorcyclists from the state's roadways for the purpose of conducting "safety checks".

Because motorcycles operated in New York State are already required to pass annual safety inspections, the ongoing New York State Police initiative serves only to harass, intimidate and inconvenience motorcyclists traveling upon the state's roadways. Further, motorcycle-only roadblocks conducted in the name of "safety checks" are a discriminatory and unconstitutional infringement upon an individual's right to travel without interference, and an abuse of discretionary power as acknowledged by the New York State Court of Appeals.

The Office of the Attorney General was reportedly receptive to Prospector's request of an investigation into the actions of the New York State Police, and a reporting mechanism has now been implemented for direct complaints of motorcyclist profiling.

If you, or anyone you know, has been a victim of motorcyclist profiling, Prospector encourages you to call him at (518) 239-4560 for assistance in filing a complaint.


  1. Hopefully this will put an end to that BS...

  2. Hey Dan I do hope I never see this in Florida and I will work to repeal any laws that the statt legislators try to pass. I am the Legislate Director for the Suncoast Brotherhood we are a MRO and we have been working on several issues here in the Pasco county area and surrounding counties If you can heres some # that may help in our cause to have the state install some signs here.... these signs were given to the state free of charge by Allstate insurance co I have tried to find out where they are putting them up and am being stonewalled in my effort.... it took us a long time for F.D.O.T. to even consider installing them! If you can get these #s out it would be a great help to all bikers! Barbara # 1-800-995-2587 ext-1120507 and Maureen # (847) 402-5448 ext 1120912 any help from you and your friends is appreciated! Regards Steven Irenze Suncoast Brotherhood Legislate