Saturday, September 24, 2011

NRA-ILA and Donations

I was reading through my October 2011 version of the NRAs American Rifleman magazine today. I had a lot of free time today and I read it cover to cover. Besides finding a *Special Event Ham Radio opportunity on page 105 that caught my eye, I also noticed something very interesting I hadn't previously noticed. There right in front of me was a listing of people that gave 1000 dollars, or more, to the NRA-ILA for the month of July. I will not list them here individually, but suffice to say there was 12 names listed. These names appear below a list of 8 people/orgs who gave money "In Memory" type contributions.
In one month, with it's 31 days, the NRA -ILA received, from JUST THESE PEOPLE, over $12,000 dollars. Actually it would be over $12,100 dollars, because I gave 100 that month! So 12 individuals give over 1000 in a month, others totaling 8, bequeath their money in a memorial gift.  So if this happens every month, the NRA-ILA receives $145,200 dollars in people giving just over 1000.
WOW!!!  The anti gunners couldn't raise that money EVER!!   They rely on grants from the Joyce Foundation to exist at all. WE have people randomly giving gifts of over 1000 dollars, 12 listed in July alone, just the NRA-ILA.  We are not only winning, we will completely WIN!!

Now to the Ham Radio NRA update.  Special Event Ham events happen all the time, I participate in one every year with the Coast Guard one.  But this one I read is all about HAMS, who happen to also be NRA members, can communicate with the station in Arizona who will be using the call sign N7NRA. So I will contact them, then mail them a QSL card, which confirms my side of the communication to them;time/date/signal report and in this case my NRA membership number. When they receive it they will return a specially printed Special Event certificate and commemorative QSL card in return. Something to collect and keep/display...

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