Saturday, September 17, 2011

An Observation

Friday night, 9/16/2011, my wife, my #4 son, his friend and I went to a Philadelphia Phillies* game. It was a beautiful night, and my son and his friend got to sit in the wonderful section 127 seats that were a birthday gift to him given by my nephew Michael. My wife and I bought standing room only tickets, that were the only available and we meandered to center field and grabbed a spot just above the bullpens. I will admit my outright ignorance right now, as I have never seen a game from this far away in this stadium. I am a spoiled baseball lover and would never sit/stand this far away for a game. Every game I have been to in this park has been to a suite, the Diamond club or sits equal to section 127.  But, enough about me and being a spoiled baseball snob. My wife and I huddled on the rail, when I asked her a question that I hope is not controversial, but something I just happened to notice.

Have you noticed there are hardly any black people at this baseball game??

Now it is my understanding that the city of Philadelphia is now population wise a majority of blacks. 45, 541 people all watching baseball and I counted 20 black people all night at the game. I walked from third base gate to center field, through Harry the K's, passed around all the fast food row, Ashburn Alley and all the way to under the Citizens Bank sign. All through the game hundred to thousands s of people walked below us.

Are the prices to high?  My wife and I got walk up Standing Room Only for 17 dollars, not bad, right?
I would love some opinions on what has happened?

BTW, the Phillies lost 4-2 and have been on a serious offensive slump for the last 12 games. 


  1. Honestly, I don't care... I've boycotted baseball since the 94 strike, but I'd 'bet' it's all about the money. Lack of big name black players, and lack of baseball skill sets, because it requires a displayed discipline that seems to be 'lacking' in that community...

  2. I love the "game" to much to ever boycott it! But in Philly you have two past MVPs, Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins for the black community to get behind.

  3. Understood Danny, but I'll bet they didn't act out like most Bball and football players, they were good people and kept a low profile, so they got 'ignored'...