Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sea Hunt and Kids..

When I was young there was a TV show on, in Black and White called Sea Hunt.  In it was constant shots of Lloyd Bridges SCUBA diving off a boat.  What I did not know was that he was a US Coast Guard Veteran.  I also didn't know that both his sons, Beau and Jeff also were in the Coast Guard.
No one in this story below asks if they joined to avoid Vietnam?  Just saying.....

US Coast Guard Bridges Family Story


  1. I know Lloyd was, didn't know both boys were also in the Coast Guard! Good for them!!!

  2. Interesting. Did not know that about any of them. I do remember watching Sea Hunt with my mom.

  3. You don't avoid going to war by joining the USCG. Many riverboats in Vietnam were piloted by Coast Guard Coxswains. Just saying...

  4. Not one Coast Guard RESERVIST served in Vietnam during that time period.
    Also, as a Coastie Veteran and Coxswain, I know that only 2% of the active duty Coast Guard went to Vietnam, mostly Boatswain Mates and Quarter Masters. Only 14 officers.