Friday, September 23, 2011

Why We Continue to Win!

Sebastian, over at Snowflakes in Hell, brings up some incredible truth about our anti gun writer groups.
The anti's must pay to get people to write their talking points in a blog or a story byline. We, the gun friendly bloggers, do it because we love it.I don't take money of any kind on my blog, and I most likely never will. I speak my mind freely and never feel obliged to speak nicely or negatively at/or about anyone. My blog will never get the 5000 hits a day or more that others get, but I have some readers. If I influence or educate one additional person, I have done well.
The anti gunners argue about the money the NRA has all the time. In reading Sebastian's blog I recall that in a bad economic year, I gave 750+ to the Friends of NRA at 3 dinners this year alone. 250 dollars went to the NRA-ILA, and mostly that was 25 to 40 bucks at a time, when I could. I also have given to the NRA Defense Fund during the Brian Aiken tragedy in NJ. So I am slightly over 1000 dollars spread out over the year. Since before I worked at the gun shop I have always believed in 2nd amendment rights. 40 years after getting my own 22 rifle I still believe, but now I believe enough to supply some cash!
Become a NRA Member here for only 25 dollars a year. Start putting your money where your mouth/typewriter is!!


  1. Well said, and thanks for supporting the cause!

  2. It's only money.. I will make more!!!