Monday, October 31, 2011

Short Tale of Interest, Maybe.

I met with a guy from the local paper, Gil Spencer from the Delco Times over the weekend. I am one of his consistent repliers to his papers stories or his blog. I met with him Friday night and a couple of other responders, Bob and Jake. We had a great night, men being men, Gil smoking a couple cigars, pushing back some drinks. we laughed and joked, lied and listened to some great stories! I was asked by Gil a while back if I would be interested in posting as a guest on his blog, it came up at this get together and I accepted. So I will be posting more political stuff relating to my thoughts on Gil's blog but still be posting my Coast Guard, Gun issues, Umpire, Baseball and other things of specific interest to me here. Gil gave me Carte Blanche on his site, so I will be going conservative crazy over there a couple times a week.  I will preface my posts with (Posted by Dannytheman) on his site!

Gil's Blog

Wish me luck!!

Sheriff: Time For Citizens To Arm Themselves

I've been saying this forever!!

Sheriff Chuck Wright opened his news conference by saying, "Our form of justice is not making it."He said, "Carry a concealed weapon. That'll fix it."

 Wright said, "It's too bad someone with a concealed weapons permit didn't walk by. That would fix it." He said people are tired of doing the right thing and criminals getting away with their actions.
He said several times, "I want you to get a concealed weapons permit."At one point, Wright held up a fanny pack and said, "They make this right here where you can conceal a small pistol in them. They got one called The Judge that shoots a .45 or a .410 shell. You ain't got to be accurate; you just have to get close."

Hard to read for some, but this is the straight truth!!  

Rights Violation of the Week

A total LOSE.

A Hawaii couple’s 3-year-old daughter was taken away from them for 18 hours after they were arrested for forgetting to a pay for two $5 sandwiches.

Arrested for 10 bucks worth of sandwiches, and their kid taken?!?!?!?  Can someone say OVER react?!!?   Sure ya can.  Oh, did I mention that the mom is pregnant?

Leszczynski, who is 30-weeks pregnant, her husband, Marcin, and daughter Zophia bought $50 worth of groceries -- but forgot about their two chicken salad sandwiches.
"A day later, Safeway issued an additional statement, saying that there may have been a mistake.

It appears we may not have handled this matter in the best possible way and we are taking the situation seriously," the store said.

Ya THINK??????????    Take a child away from her parents for 2 5 dollar snadwiches. You are damn right you handled it wrong. Some things make my head explode. Need duct tape.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Boring Post of the Week

I just have to share this with the world. My mom, who is 84 and lives 3.5 miles away, mailed me a letter I received at her home. I am pretty sure she is sending me a message that my busy life is intruding into my visits with her.

What was in the letter you ask? It was a 40th year Reunion party for my Catholic Grade School. I spent 8 years at St. Pius the 10th or St.Pius X in Broomall as a child. I can still remember the IHM nuns and teachers I had every year. My invite was sent from an old friend, Mike Brennan. I haven't seen Mike since our 25th reunion, but I always smile when I think of him. He is a truly great guy. I am always sorry we didn't stay closer. But family first, and God knows I am always busy with just that.
So I sent my RSVP back to the Chairwoman, her name being Sue Fitzpatrick Bull. Sue and I were "walkers"back in the day. No bus for us, we walked up hill both ways in snow from September to June. For 8 straight years. I used to see her at the corner of Hastings and Sussex. Then into school we would walk.

I had some good times and some scary times in grade school. Clapping erasers, running on the blacktop after AJ, getting in fights with Greg, Bill and some others. Steve Stoner knocking me out in boxing class, with Sister Marita Baboon picking me up and telling me to keep my right up. Ice skating behind the gym. Kissing some classmates at the summer dances. Flipping baseball cards, girls in knee socks, Bernadette versus Denise, milk money, candy money and pretzel days. How about a class trip that consisted of a 4 miles walk around the school. 4 or 5 guys climbed the quarry and made it back quicker and each received the Board Of Education from Mother Augusta.(Bold Brazen Boys!) Safety picnic, alter boy picnics with later prosecuted pervert Father Brennan.(No relation to my friend Mike, I'm pretty sure!??!) Singing happy birthday to old Father Dowd to get a day off. Being in class the day President Kennedy was killed, and not understanding why the nuns were crying. (1st grade) Going 2 whole years putting the flag up and taking it down. Serving every 6:30 AM mass in 8th grade. (Then the nuns loved me)

Bloomberg of NY Pays Off Virginia Democrats?

Bloomberg has donated $25,000 apiece to the campaigns of six Democratic candidates for the Virginia state Senate who share his strict beliefs on gun control, officials told the Daily News Friday.

Bloomberg doesn't have any issues in his home state?

He s an arrogant bastard who shouldn't be meddling, said a manager at A&P Arms in Hampton, Va., who would not give his name. Go home.

I couldn't have said it any better.  I have friends in Virginia that will counter this intrusion with lot's more cash. Old NFO and the NRA Headquarters are in Virginia. I wouldn't want to pick a fight with either of them, believe me!!

Little Ditty about NJ Gun Laws

Saturday, October 29, 2011

St. Louis Cardinals are the World Series Champions

I can honestly say, now 2 years in a row, that I am happy to see the best baseball team win the World Series.  This year it was truly the National League champs, St.Louis Cardinals. They beat my Phillie's with heavy and constant offense that overwhelmed the best pitching staff in baseball.
Small back story, the NLCS and World Series MVP, David Freese is from the St. Louis area.  Born and raised there and always wanted to play there. He will never, ever have to buy a beer in that town for the rest of his life. What a stud!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Gun Ownership by State??? Nope

Gun Ownership by State???

This came out yesterday, but is a 2001 report, and is making its way around blog land. Why now?
And they missed the timeline that made President Obama the Top Gun Salesman of his first 1000 days!

So, let me ask you a question folks. If your phone rang, AND you answered it, would you answer questions related to if and how many guns you have in your home??
I know I wouldn't!  It's no ones business!   But then the press get some answers and publish a chart as the real number? 

What a CROCK of crap!!!  

What say YOU???

A TOY Run Story

30 years ago, a group of motorcycle enthusiast from a group called ABATE, started a toy run. A toy run is where a group brings toys to a location and drops them off.  In this particular case, toys were brought to the Children's Hospital in Philadelphia.(CHOP) The bikes would ride to CHOP and drop off the toys and meet and mingle with the children. It was a glorious affair. It grew every year, and with it always being around various dates in November the bikers had  to fend through rain, snow and cold on occasion.(There were some glorious 60 to 70 degree days also) Because of the success, and it's continued growth the city mayors strongly supported the parade and accepted the Sunday traffic inconvenience for the good of the sick, and sometime dieing kids. Most politicians running for office were always walking the parade line surfing for votes. A huge success for everyone.

Now let's jump ahead to lately. 2 to 3 years ago the ABATE group was notified by the city of Philly that they would have to PAY for the traffic inconvenience of supplying toys to kids. The parade had grown and the time of the inconvenience, according to the city, was taking to long. 10,000 to 20,000 bikes laden with toys took over 2 hours to complete the run. The city insisted on being paid for the parade to pay overtime for the cops involved. (No proof of need just demand for payment, there had NEVER been an incident, ABATE provided all traffic control and had not requested police involvement) The fee/levy/tax on the Toy Run became $30,000 dollars.  The money was raised on year 28, 29 and 30. Much of the money raised was from the area businesses that benefited from 10,000 + bikers coming into the city. RIP Joey Vento who started off every year with a $5000.00 gift.

Then it happened. CHOP decided that they no longer could handle and store the 40,000 NEW presents that were being delivered.  Did you read that?  10 to 20K riders, 40,000 NEW toys. Now the place being given all this for free couldn't handle it anymore.  Add to that increasing the "police protection" fees and the "worlds longest" running Toy Run was canceled after 30 years.

Now the news has gotten out, ABC and NBC Philly did stories on the end of the Toy Run, and the phones and E mails have not stopped ringing/pinging. Congressman Brady, of Philly, wants to help "lower the fees"! Many area groups that received some of the over flow of those toys are screaming bloody murder. "Give us the toys, we love the Toy Run!" The head of ABATE was attempting to do something with only 10 days to go. But the rules of ABATE have to be followed. He can't get a membership vote by November 6th. So it ends!!

I ran my first Toy Run in 1982 on a Yamaha 175 Enduro I owned. I was not geared up for winter riding and remember freezing my tail off. I was instantly warmed by the smiles and astonished looks of the children as we brought toys to them. I had my toys in a back pack and another strapped to the rear seat, such as it was, on that tiny bike. Back then we walked into the building, and got to meet with the kids. Time changed and we were told to drop our toys in bins and the hospital brought out a few kids. Then we were pretty much banned from the building, except for the lobby, where dignitaries made speeches and had photos taken. The last 10 years I have volunteered as a Road Guard and road my Harley the last  6 years.

Why do I write all this today??  2 reasons. 1 is that I will miss making this run each year, and I can easily jump into another one. The 2nd reason is a bit deeper. It seems to me that for 28 years an event runs smoothly and places a positive spotlight on bikers, and then, with government fees and increased demands, it is all over in a quick 2-3 years.

Occupy Philly has the Mayor bending over kissing their butt (400 people NOT spending money)to make their stay comfortable, and it's been a month. The bikers brought 10 to 20K people and most spent money eating or parking or other stuff in the city, we get license fees, police fees and governmental red tape. WTF is wrong with this picture?

Read this for how I come up with with these rants

Maybe if we told the Philly mayor we were protesting "something" he would pay us back the $60K spent by one organization ABATE of Delaware County. For the record and disclosure, I am a member of ABATE of Delaware County.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gallup Poll Info Spells W I N


Lots of great blogs are carrying this great information.  I am echoing it so you get the facts.

Americans have shifted to a more pro-gun view on gun laws, particularly in recent years, with record-low support for a ban on handguns, an assault rifle ban, and stricter gun laws in general. This is the case even as high-profile incidents of gun violence continue in the United States, such as the January shootings at a meeting for U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona.

H/T to Sebastian at Pagunblog

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wisconsin Reciprocity Includes Pennsylvania

Very nice list of 25 states, missing Florida.
and Virginia, no rhyme or reason here. 
Florida and Virginia have training requirements, Pa. does not.
Not that I plan on visiting Wisconsin anytime soon, but I am happy to have it added on my list!

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Nebraska
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Washington
  • Wyoming
This starts on Nov. 1, 2011. 

Hitler on Fast and Furious!

Hitler finds out about Fast and Furious.  I don't know who puts this stuff together, but they are genius!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Great Little Find

John Longenecker understands kinda

Why do a majority of states agree with the second amendment and affirming of the armed citizen? It is a difference in values and integrity. The health of the second amendment is the primary indicator of the overall health of the nation. You can forecast how officials will treat America by the way it treats gun owners. For instance, those forty-eight states respect their citizens by respecting their latitude in how they travel armed and safer when in the absence of police. Remember that an armed citizen carries a loaded sidearm because a policeman is too heavy. Remember that where the armed citizen is, so the law is also. These are your greatest allies of law enforcement, and this friendship irks the statists.

John mentions the "48 States" who respect the 2nd amendment, but he needs to know that real gun friendly states differ from the ones we know are not truly free.  Maryland is not free, New York is not free, New Jersey is hardly free, California is no way near free, Hawaii is far from free, Illinois is out completely. So I can count 6 real fast that don't respect me or my rights. But we are knocking them down, and winning slowly!

In California!!!!

66 year old Grandmother blows away criminal

California had/has an overcrowding problem in the their prisons. Judges declared that that criminals HAD to be released since it wasn't fair that they were living in crowded positions. So the  now dead criminal was released early that very morning. Released in morning, and breaking into a occupied home at night, same day!!! Let's pretend I am a criminal and while breaking into a house I hear a gun shot at me through a window, do I continue to break in??  In this case the answer is yes, and the poor woman shot the idiot in the belly and rightfully killed him.  All this in the GUN HATING state of California!!

It is my hope that there is a line at every gun shop in California today. The line would consist of nothing but woman who are fed up with having no protection, who know that the cops can't always be there. I also hope they get training and build their confidence to shoot.  I then hope that they change the idiotic gun laws in California and sweep a 2nd Amendment craze across the state. 

What say you??

Friday, October 21, 2011

Glen McCoy Editorial Cartoon

Another School Superintendent That Needs to be Fired

Boy do I hate highly educated idiots!!  He is defending his idiotic decision.
Did I mention I think he is an idiot? Who said a Masters Degree made you smart?

In Nanny State Central, New Jersey.

Springfield Schools Superintendent Michael Davino said he is asking teachers to lighten the homework load so students can have enough time to wear their costumes and trick-or-treat after school, according to the Patch.
"I don't believe that dressing up is something that is necessary to do at school," Davino said.
It's Halloween you freaking idiot!!   It's also one day.  Idiots like this superintendent need to not be over seeing children, he needs to be in a war zone leading troops. (From the front)

A chemist, a shopkeeper, and a teacher were sentenced to death by firing squad. The chemist was taken from his cell and as the soldiers took aim he shouted "Avalanche!" The soldiers panicked and in the confusion the chemist escaped. The shopkeeper was led out next. As the soldiers took aim he shouted "Flood!" and escaped. The teacher was then lead out. The squad took aim and the teacher, remembering how the other two had escaped, shouted "Fire!"

Physics Teacher: "Isaac Newton was sitting under a tree when an apple fell on his head and he discovered gravity. Isn't that wonderful?"

Student: "Yes sir, if he had been sitting in class looking at books like us, he wouldn't have discovered anything."

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Third Gun?? Yes or No in Gunwalker

Bob Owens seems to have every juke covered.

Agent: Well there was two.
Dealer: There’s three weapons.
Agent: There’s three weapons.
Dealer: I know that.
Agent: And yes, there’s serial numbers for all three.
Dealer: That’s correct.
Agent: Two of them came from this store.
Dealer: I understand that.
Agent: There’s an SKS that I don’t think came from … Dallas or Texas or something like that.
Dealer: I know. talking about the AK’s –
Agent: The two AK’s came from this store.
Dealer: I know that.
Agent: OK.
Dealer: I did the godd***ed trace –
Agent: Third weapon is the SKS has nothing to do with it.
Dealer: That didn’t come from me.
Agent: No and there is — that’s my knowledge. And I spoke to someone who would know those are the only ones they have. So this is the agent who’s working the case, all I can go by is what she told me.

The FBI say specifically there were only 2 guns and that KA1 was not one of them.
Other ATF communications make the DOJ’s claim that there was no third weapon even more suspect:
In one, an intelligence analyst writes that by 7:45 p.m. — about 21 hours after the shooting — she had successfully traced two weapons at the scene, and is now “researching the trace status of firearms recovered earlier today by the FBI.”
In another email, ATF-Phoenix Deputy Director George Gillett asks: “Are those two (AK-47s) in addition to the gun already recovered this morning?”

Watch This Video

If you have never seen this video, please watch it. Then send it to your family. I know it is long, I know you have to make time to view it, but it is worth every moment of your time!
The cops are permitted, and trained, to lie!?!?!?!? 

Funny Questions

Yesterday I rode my motorcycle to work as I tend to do. We have about 150 new people in the building as transfers have happened. Closing one building and consolidating space. Now for 15 years I have parked my bike in the same 2 spots. They are in front of the emergency generator and reserved for compact cars, but I am usually in one of them.  Only 1 other guy parks his bike here, since we are the only 2 who ride to work with any regularity. But with new people comes new habits. Lately all the spaces have been gone by the time I get in. People are parking SUVs and not compacts in those spaces.
So I park where I can, and then wait. I look out my window and when the lunch riot happens, and they drive out to lunch, I grab one of the parking spaces. You might think they would catch on, but nooooo.

So a newbie says to me, "Guess you'll be putting the bike away for the winter soon?"

Nope, I say. I ride all year. I have the gear, it's only 17 miles one way, and I know where the ice tends to form.
The answer I got back was priceless!!  "You're crazy!" 

Shrug shoulders, walk away!!

If I have to explain, they wouldn't understand!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

4th amendment issue with GPS Tracking

From The Hill

The ACLU, Council on American-Islamic Relations and Gun Owners of America have all filed friend-of-the-court briefs in support of Jones in the case, along with other organizations.
 Interesting group of collaborators, wouldn't you say??
With an expired warrant that applied only to the District of Columbia, police officers installed a GPS tracker on nightclub owner Antoine Jones’s vehicle when it was parked in a public lot in Maryland. The information they obtained from tracking Jones, whom they suspected of involvement in a cocaine-distribution operation, over the course of a month allowed them to trace Jones’s movements to a house in Maryland. Police reportedly found cocaine, crack and cash inside the residence.
Emphasis is mine. OK, I am not a lawyer, and I don't play one on TV, but this sure seems to get my BS meter ringing loudly. But let's hear from the Government.

The Center on Administration of Criminal Law supports the government’s position, claiming that the use of GPS in public places does not violate the Fourth Amendment. In its brief, the center argued that the use of GPS is an important law enforcement tool, adding that relying on new technology for this purpose is not unconstitutional.
 So any cop can place a GPS tracker on your car because he suspects you of anything? Not in my United States.

Trevor Burrus, legal associate at the Cato Institute, said that one issue with the “reasonable expectation of privacy” standard in general is its subjectivity.

So, based on where this is going, Government owned (AKA Taxpayer Owned) satellites and GPS devices can be used for anything they feel they need it for.  But what if I wanted to place a GPS tracker on a cop car, or maybe a township official, State official or Federal elected official?  Would I have that choice?
I will keep an eye on this ruling as it continues through the system!


Philly House of Horrors

The entire local story here.

The landlord had found the people locked behind a steel door in the basement of the home. Police had reported hearing a rumbling behind the door that sounded as if a dog may have been locked inside, according to Evers, but found the four people inside the small room, which one police official described as "a dungeon."
Looks like a grab a free disability check or 4.  Woman caught was convicted and jailed previously.

From a real detectives perspective.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

American Flag Pin gets a Guy Fired

Read and see it all here.

St. Johns county Commissioner Mark Miner issued this statement on the issue:
“The Casa Monica Hotel and Kessler Enterprise certainly have the legal right to forbid their employees from wearing an American flag pin. However, their inability to discern between the flag of our nation and other pins and buttons that their policies forbid is of great concern to me. St. Johns County is home to nearly 20,000 military veterans and is made up of an ideologically and culturally diverse population whose collective love for the United States is second to none. I want to make clear that the actions taken by the Casa Monica Hotel and Kessler Enterprise do not represent the patriotism shared by St. Johns County residents and businesses.”
“I hope Kessler Enterprise will act quickly to correct the disrespect they have shown the flag of our great nation and end the embarrassment they have brought upon St. Johns County.”

I happen to agree with the Commissioner above. They could easily make the exception, but some dumb ass lawyer is involved in this decision believe me. Hell is hot and paved with asshole lawyers..Lot's of them. I think this guy should be revered as a HERO for leaving his job, accepting being fired to stand up for his patriotic feelings. It is my hope that someone in this Florida area grabs this guy and makes him an employee. The one that does is getting a heroic man with principles and ethics above most men nowadays.

Earlier this week we made Olive Garden apologize for being stupid, via complaints in the thousands to the Darden parent corporation.  Maybe we can all put some heat on this hotel, who thinks flying a flag outside the building fills their patriotic duty. What are we stupid?  Nope!!I sent them an honest and polite letter stating my feelings on their idiotic and insensitive dismissal.  Please do the same.
Contact info for the Hotel

More on the 4th Amendment, EZ Pass Style.

EZ Pass to trigger camera??

I won't speak for all of you, but I have a love hate relationship with my EZ Pass already.  I love zooming passed and through toll booths without stopping and I hate the fact that I have to pay times 2 for my transponders. (mentioned here)

Now we have big brother sniffing for more..  Be afraid, be very afraid!!!

The gadget could also be instructed to take pictures when the acceleration of a car “exceeds a threshold,” or when accidents occur, so it could be used like an airplane cockpit flight recorder.
Wilkins states, according to MSNBC, that Americans shouldn’t be concerned about E-Z Pass tracking when cell phones companies already admit to tracking customers.
But maybe that means they should worry more.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Occupy Boston protesters spit on Coast Guard member

Entire story here

Hey, that ain't right. Then the Coast Guard tells the rest of their members to avoid the area?!?!?!
I might be an old Coastie, but as an old boatswains mate, I would be marching down there with some of my Coasties brothers and defending HER honor. I have been in a couple scraps along my way, and allowing someone to totally disrespect you is just wrong and needs to be resolved.
So without stating that I would recommend violence, I will list some options that I would recommend to make sure this never happens again.You can choose the one you think I am leaning toward.
  • Notify the police and let them handle it, get your uniform cleaned of the spittle and water will dry.
  • Go to the newspaper and report what happened and hope they report on it.
  • Have the person arrested for battery by pointing them out, and make them a martyr for their cause.
  • Get 5 boatswains mates, 3 gunners mates and 1 Warrant officer to march down their and kick the living shit out of anyone involved, get arrested and then, after posting bail, stand for a captains mast on your ship or base.  

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The US Flag Disrespected by Darden Corp.

No Flag Displayed 

The Darden Corporation owns Red Lobster, Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, The Capital Grille, Bahama Breeze and Seasons 52 and they need to hear from you if you agree with me. The simplest way to get them to rethink their ludicrous decision is to help them feel how wrong they are. Their PR quote below:
"To be fair to everyone and avoid disrupting the dining experience for all other guests, they're unable to accommodate flags or banners of any type in the dining room," according to the statement.
An inanimate object representing the country they are living in can disturb guests????   Give me a break!  My wife, family and I have been to the Red Lobster, LongHorn Steaks and Bahama Breeze locations close to us here in SE PA.  My wife loves Olive Garden where she goes with her sister often.
NO MORE VISITS, unless they make this right.
That is how we role!  It's a principled stand.
Feel free to let Darden know you agree with me here. Contact info 

Olive Garden apologizes for refusing to allow 80-year-old Marti Warren bring an American flag into their restaurant during her Kiwanis Club award banquet last week.
Olive Garden issued this statement: "We are very sorry for any misunderstanding about this issue. We do not have a policy at Olive Garden concerning bringing the American flag into our restaurants. Some members of our team were misinformed about company policy by our corporate office. As a company, we take responsibility for that and we regret it.  We take pride in how we communicate to our restaurants and we are correcting this so it doesn't happen again. Like all Americans, we have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for the American flag and everything it symbolizes, and we welcome anyone who wishes to bring the flag into our restaurants. In fact, we periodically provide American flag collar pins to our employees to wear while serving guests."
Marti Warren says the vice president of the company contacted her today and will be coming to Oxford to personally apologize to all the Golden K Kiwanis Club members.

Copyright 2011 WBRC. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lock Your Phone! 4th Amendment?

California trampling on Rights!

Wired suggests that Brown is catering to police unions, a theory that might also help explain why he signed a ban on the open carrying of (unloaded) guns. In this case, however, almost the entire state legislature, including politicians from across the political spectrum, thought Californians deserved more privacy protection than the state Supreme Court was willing to recognize. And since the two main justifications for allowing police to search arrestees without a warrant are to find weapons and to prevent the destruction of evidence, neither of which applied in Diaz, the legislature's reading of the law seems more plausible as well as more protective of civil liberties.
My phone has a lock which activates after 30 seconds of none use. It is a PITA at times, but I now love the fact that it does that! I wouldn't give them my code if they paid me.  It is my personal info, no one else's.

The Fourth Amendment proscribes unreasonable seizure of any person, person's home (including its curtilage) or personal property without a warrant. A seizure of property occurs when there is meaningful interference by the government with an individual's possessory interests,[22] such as when police officers take personal property away from an owner to use as evidence. The Amendment also protects against unreasonable seizure of their persons, including a brief detention.[23]
A seizure does not occur just because the government questions an individual in a public place. The exclusionary rule would not bar voluntary answers to such questions from being offered into evidence in a subsequent criminal prosecution. The person is not being seized if his freedom of movement is not restrained. The government may not detain an individual even momentarily without reasonable, objective grounds, with few exceptions. His refusal to listen or answer does not by itself furnish such grounds.[26]
A person is seized within the meaning of the Fourth Amendment only when by means of physical force or show of authority his freedom of movement is restrained, and in the circumstances surrounding the incident, a reasonable person would believe that he was not free to leave.[26] As long as the police do not convey a message that compliance with their requests is required, the courts will usually consider the police contact to be a "citizen encounter" which falls outside the protections of the Fourth Amendment.[27] If a person remains free to disregard questioning by the government, there has been no intrusion upon the person's liberty or privacy under the Fourth Amendment — there has been no seizure.[26]

How a 15 dollar Prime Rib cost me 60 bucks.

Do you ever agree to get together with friends and then end up all splitting the check?
Some of these friends make much more than you do, and they drink like the word hangover doesn't exist. They are empty nesters and have all the time in the world and more time they know what to do with.

If you go out with these folks and someone in the group of 8 says to the waitress, "just put it all on all on the same check."

So you have order an ice tea for $2.25 and drink 2 of them. You order a Prime Rib Special that runs 15 bucks on Thursday nights. The rest of the 7 drink like a bunch of thirsty camels. The bill comes and one of the guys says, "Everyone owes 60 bucks and that will include tip."

Now, even if my ice tea was 5 bucks, I would still owe only $25 including a nice tip.
I paid the $60.  Next time I am getting my own check!  (Although this has happened to me twice.)

What is wrong with me?!?!?


The Subpoena Has Been Issued!

Subpoena is delivered! Let the Truth be Told!

"The documents this subpoena demands will provide answers to questions that Justice officials have tried to avoid since this investigation began eight months ago. It's time we know the whole truth."
 UPDATED TO ADD, with HT to Joe The view From North Central Idaho
By: Joe Huffman Wednesday, October 12, 2011 5:51:42 AM (Pacific Daylight Time, UTC-07:00) ( Gun Rights | Politics | Quote of the Day )
All of this is the stuff of a conspiracy theory that most of us would dismiss as so much rumor. Disturbingly, we have documentation that proves otherwise. Fast and Furious may have been the name the administration chose for this operation as a means of further curtailing our Second Amendment rights in a fast and furious manner. We the People must remain vigilant. For without the Second Amendment, the other nine could never stand.
Joan R. Neubauer
Conspiracy Theory: Fast and Furious an Attempt at Further Gun Control
October 11, 2011
[Yes. It is more and more disturbing. If this were a movie plot it would be dismissed as “too far out there”. The big questions now are, as in the movies, how and will the good guys win?—Joe]

Monday, October 10, 2011

Arizona Sheriffs 50/50 mix

Please read this soon.

The sheriffs is split 50/50 among Democrats and Republicans, that's 10 of the 13 sheriffs in Arizona.
Every time there’s a shooting or there’s a crime committed on American soil, the first question SHOULDN’T be, ‘My God, were these the guns that our own government gave these criminals.’

The reason why we do that (introduce drugs  or cash not a crime gang) is to watch the investigation spiderweb so we can take down the entire drug trade organization. You don’t do that with weapons, and to allow these weapons to walk in this fashion is reprehensible.

H/T to The Truth About Guns

Saturday, October 8, 2011

How Do You Choose???

My wife and I are visiting a local gun range to day and hope they will take us on a tour of their facilities. We have 2 relatively close, 15 and/or 17 miles away one north and one south, to visit.
  1. One of them has an indoor pistol range with 6 lanes available until midnight.
  2. One of them serves breakfast every weekend day.  
  3. One is close to my office.
  4. One,the other, is close to my wife's office.
Both of them, in my opinion, are not suffering for members.
  • Both have trap, which is what I want my wife to try.
  • Both have outdoor pistol and rifle ranges, with archery in there, too. (My younger kids might like that)
So today we will visit one today and walk in and say, "We are here to get a tour in order to see if we are interested in joining!"  I am not sure they have that type of question happen often.
I will let you know what happens!!

Updated....... Wife and I went to first one today, it is Delaware County Field and Stream club.
Breakfast and lunch menu.
Plenty of trap and nice Skeet set up.
Cool air gun walking and shooting path, also for archery shooting, but only when no one is shooting trap. (Rains Pellets)
Bathrooms were very clean.
There were plenty of woman shooters there today. (Wife liked that, too)

I did not like that you can not post Male silhouette targets, or even animal silhouette targets.
I did not like that you can NOT carry a weapon in a holster on the property. (A no Gun zone on a gun club?)
I did not like the 5 bullet limit on pistol, rifle and other similar issues.
There was only 1 shooting lane that could be rolled into 7 yards. 1 only.

I came to the conclusion that this is more aimed at hunters than Self Defense folks.
While we were there we walked up to watch a family shooting trap. A wife, husband, their son maybe 11, and one of the parents father. They were nice and let us shoot some trap with a 20 gauge over under. I took 3 shots and my wife shot 3 shots.  (I ruled, she drooled) But she liked it! She was shooting a little over.  But straight over, easy to fix.
So, all and all a good day.  Next weekend we visit the 2nd place!  More on that then!!

In Case You Need To Catch Up!

Bob Owens Gets It Right Again

Don't know how I missed this silence!

New York Democrat Carolyn B. Maloney hasn’t said a word about Operation Fast and Furious since she supported the doomed “Stop Gun Trafficking and Strengthen Law Enforcement Actin mid-July. Neither has her even more zealously anti-gun collegue Carolyn McCarthy.

Schumer in particular has been a strong ally of the president, and yet he has also been silent on Operation Fast and Furious.
How many major political scandals have there been in recent memory where an entire political party fell silent for months at a time — and how should we interpret that silence?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Strip Searched for Cursing

Read here highlights below

Wagner was charged the next day with misdemeanor harassment, and strip-searched during six hours he spent in prison.
The ACLU calls the arrest "a clear abuse of power." Their lawyers say cursing may not be nice — but is not illegal.
The defendants include Police Chief Mark Kessler and Mayor Mary Lou Hannon.

I have to agree!!   A clear abuse of power!!  Wow!!

For The Motorcycle Crowd!

I was at a Friends of NRA dinner weeks ago in Bucks County, PA. I of course go there for guns and gun like equipment, right?  Well usually you are right, but in this case on the table of the silent auction was a Tom-Tom GPS and weighted mat for the dashboard. Because I like to get things started on silet auctions, I grabbed a pen and started to write my name in on many items. A belt buckle, a ammo box, the GPS, a knife, a blanket, etc., etc. In most cases I was the first person on the sheet to bid, all items had a low to reasonable minimum bid, so I started there. Guess what?  I ended up with the GPS, Belt buckle and Ammo box because no one else bid. DUH!!!!  Ouch, uh oh!!

So the belt buckle went in my bedroom drawer, the ammo box was put to good use, and the GPS??
I wanted to mount it on the bike.  And I did!!  It is not a made for Motorcycle GPS, so I bought a handlebar mount and plastic zippered container at Amazon for a whopping 11 bucks.(Free Shipping)
It took less than 10 minutes to get it mounted and up and running, but the true test on any good rumbling Harley is on the road. A couple of trips back and forth to work, different way each day, and I was hooked!  It was fun, and my gloved fingers worked OK through the clear plastic cover of the zippered case. I plugged the cigerette lighter plug into my outlet on the fairing lower left! (Love that it is there) So I will let you know the first time I use it for a destination I need it. I have no plans for a trip to anywhere I don't already know pretty well, but I feel better knowing I have the GPS available for workarounds.

Arkon GPS032

We are Winning BIG Time

Click on chart to enlarge!

H/T to No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money

  See entire story and backup here.

We win with FACTS, not emotion or hyperbole!!

Armed Grandmother pleads for fairness

What's my point? While at my home in Pennsylvania, I chose to take private shooting lessons. I gave up a Saturday to take the NRA gun course. And, my background check permits me to carry concealed in 32 states. However, if I want to protect myself in my home in New York or New Jersey, I will be summarily denied. Someone there decided no one is a responsible enough citizen to get a gun permit.

Please read through her whole story.  I forwarded this to my wife and sisters!

Under The Radar Quote

Chris Muir of Day by Day cartoon.

I want to keep the fact alive that President Obama said to Sarah Brady directly.
On March 30, the 30th anniversary of the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan, Jim Brady, who sustained a debilitating head wound in the attack, and his wife, Sarah, came to Capitol Hill to push for a ban on the controversial "large magazines." Brady, for whom the law requiring background checks on handgun purchasers is named, then met with White House press secretary Jay Carney. During the meeting, President Obama dropped in and, according to Sarah Brady, brought up the issue of gun control, "to fill us in that it was very much on his agenda," she said.
"I just want you to know that we are working on it," Brady recalled the president telling them. "We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar."

Emphasis is mine!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Banned From Wearing Rosary At School

Linked to gangs??

What is wrong with school administrators today?  Have they lost their minds?
Would they tell a Muslim girl to take off her head cover?? If gangs were wearing them?  I don't think so!!
Fremont Public Schools said the district has no problem with students wearing jewelry or clothing to express their faith, but rosaries are an exception.

The Silence is Deafening

there were 14% fewer murders in Chicago compared to the first six months of last year – back when owning handguns was illegal. It was the largest drop in Chicago’s murder rate since the handgun ban went into effect in 1982.

 News link at..................Not NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC.....

Monday, October 3, 2011

When People Ask Me What It Was Like.....

Old NFO shares an incredibly touching story of truth!

For the years I spent in the service, I often forget the amount of time I spent in bars and joints. Old NFO shares some sea story of liberty ports and it hits the nail directly on the head! 
Please take the time to read it. It will give you incite into a Navy Veterans maturation process! (One liver at a time)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wisdom from John Lott

John Lott editorial here.

If you compare the first six months of this year to the first six months of 2008, the same time immediately preceding the Supreme Court's late June "Heller" decision, murders have now fallen by thirty-four percent.
Not surprisingly, the national media have been completely silent about this news.