Monday, October 17, 2011

4th amendment issue with GPS Tracking

From The Hill

The ACLU, Council on American-Islamic Relations and Gun Owners of America have all filed friend-of-the-court briefs in support of Jones in the case, along with other organizations.
 Interesting group of collaborators, wouldn't you say??
With an expired warrant that applied only to the District of Columbia, police officers installed a GPS tracker on nightclub owner Antoine Jones’s vehicle when it was parked in a public lot in Maryland. The information they obtained from tracking Jones, whom they suspected of involvement in a cocaine-distribution operation, over the course of a month allowed them to trace Jones’s movements to a house in Maryland. Police reportedly found cocaine, crack and cash inside the residence.
Emphasis is mine. OK, I am not a lawyer, and I don't play one on TV, but this sure seems to get my BS meter ringing loudly. But let's hear from the Government.

The Center on Administration of Criminal Law supports the government’s position, claiming that the use of GPS in public places does not violate the Fourth Amendment. In its brief, the center argued that the use of GPS is an important law enforcement tool, adding that relying on new technology for this purpose is not unconstitutional.
 So any cop can place a GPS tracker on your car because he suspects you of anything? Not in my United States.

Trevor Burrus, legal associate at the Cato Institute, said that one issue with the “reasonable expectation of privacy” standard in general is its subjectivity.

So, based on where this is going, Government owned (AKA Taxpayer Owned) satellites and GPS devices can be used for anything they feel they need it for.  But what if I wanted to place a GPS tracker on a cop car, or maybe a township official, State official or Federal elected official?  Would I have that choice?
I will keep an eye on this ruling as it continues through the system!



  1. Good point, you KNOW the cops would raise hell if you tried to track them...

  2. NFO- What's good for the goose?!!?

    I love new technology, I also abhor people who abuse it.

  3. Mene mene tekel parsinOctober 24, 2011

    Something to fume over, quietly lest you get tased or smacked down:

    Our Royal Masters seem to know all about us. Everything.

    Yet we do not even know their names. Try -- just try! -- to obtain the names, homes addresses and contact info for the sick traitors who obeyed that illegal tracking order. Now imagine what you'll get trying to learn about their bosses.

    Stalin grins from hell.

  4. I truly think that with today's technology, there is no anonymity. If you want convenience you can be tracked. EZ pass says when and where you pay a toll. Credit cards say where and when you buy. All ATMs have cameras in them, all banks obviously. I do not fear the technology, I fear it's abuse by any governmental power.