Saturday, October 15, 2011

American Flag Pin gets a Guy Fired

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St. Johns county Commissioner Mark Miner issued this statement on the issue:
“The Casa Monica Hotel and Kessler Enterprise certainly have the legal right to forbid their employees from wearing an American flag pin. However, their inability to discern between the flag of our nation and other pins and buttons that their policies forbid is of great concern to me. St. Johns County is home to nearly 20,000 military veterans and is made up of an ideologically and culturally diverse population whose collective love for the United States is second to none. I want to make clear that the actions taken by the Casa Monica Hotel and Kessler Enterprise do not represent the patriotism shared by St. Johns County residents and businesses.”
“I hope Kessler Enterprise will act quickly to correct the disrespect they have shown the flag of our great nation and end the embarrassment they have brought upon St. Johns County.”

I happen to agree with the Commissioner above. They could easily make the exception, but some dumb ass lawyer is involved in this decision believe me. Hell is hot and paved with asshole lawyers..Lot's of them. I think this guy should be revered as a HERO for leaving his job, accepting being fired to stand up for his patriotic feelings. It is my hope that someone in this Florida area grabs this guy and makes him an employee. The one that does is getting a heroic man with principles and ethics above most men nowadays.

Earlier this week we made Olive Garden apologize for being stupid, via complaints in the thousands to the Darden parent corporation.  Maybe we can all put some heat on this hotel, who thinks flying a flag outside the building fills their patriotic duty. What are we stupid?  Nope!!I sent them an honest and polite letter stating my feelings on their idiotic and insensitive dismissal.  Please do the same.
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  1. That's worth a boycott... plain and simple...

  2. I probably couldn't afford the place, but my e mail didn't say that! LOL!